7 Tooth Myths to Watch Out For

It’s important to understand your teeth. That means getting accurate information and not adding to the divide of misinformation. How exactly do you know what is true and what isn’t? We’ll go over some of the most popular tooth myths and shed light on the honest truth. Debunking Common Tooth Myths 1. Tooth dissolving in […]

How Far Has Dentistry Advanced?

Dentistry has certainly come a long way. Historians aren’t quite sure when and where people started caring about their teeth, but the history of dentistry can be recorded as early as 5,000 BC.  There are some really old dentistry techniques that are, in some form or another, still around. But the changes in dentistry are […]

Why Should You Get CEREC Crowns

Getting crowns isn’t normally a fast process. It’s effective and painless, but usually takes more than one trip to the dentist. Between visits to the dentist, you wear temporary acrylic crowns until the permanent ones are completed. While that doesn’t sound so bad, the new process for same day crowns, CEREC, is a revolutionary procedure […]

Why Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed

It’s been a long-standing question of whether or not we should get our wisdom teeth removed. Some people do; some people don’t. It just depends on how they come in and how they affect your mouth. Wisdom teeth problems are very common, however, so there are some things to know if you’re considering getting them […]

4 Reasons to Get a Water Flosser

By now, you know not to skip out on your daily flossing. Tooth floss gets between the teeth where toothbrushes and rinses cannot. But what if there’s another great way to floss alongside using the typical stringy floss everyone is used to? As it turns out, flossing with water is proven to remove far more […]

Top 5 Unhealthy Dental Habits You Didn’t Know You Were Guilty Of

We’re all guilty of bad habits, whether we know it or not. It can be a nervous tick or just something we’ve gotten used to over time. We all, at some point, have either kicked them or been told about them. However, sometimes these habits are harmful, if not annoying. How do we know when […]

Ways Dentists Go Beyond Just Dental Work

When we visit our dentist, we should know by now that we’re in good hands. Our teeth and gums will be taken care of, and we’ll have nothing to worry about. But is that all they do? Dentists are doctors after all, so there must be more to it than just cleaning your mouth. As […]

Top 5 Best Toothpaste Brands

How do you know if your toothpaste is getting the job done? According to Men’s Health, if it contains fluoride and is FDA-approved, it will be effective. Now, this is technically true and, with that, there’s no one right answer (as everyone’s oral health will be different). But, to help you with your search for […]