Weigh the Benefits: Traditional Crowns vs. CEREC

Sometimes, if we leave cavities unfilled for too long, the tooth decay can spread far into our teeth roots—at this point, you’ll need dental crowns to treat it. Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit tightly over your natural tooth to cover and protect it. Now, there is a new solution called CEREC crowns, or “same […]

4 Alternatives to Dental Implants

Dental implant treatments provide many amazing benefits—after all, it’s like getting a brand new set of teeth that are more durable than your natural teeth. Dental implants, although very flexible, are not for everyone. So, how do you know which dental implant alternatives are right for you? Top 4 Dental Implant Alternatives 1. Traditional fixed […]

Curious about Veneers in Las Vegas?

When you smile, do you like what you see? Is your smile crooked, or are the shape of your teeth irregular? Whatever issue you have with your teeth, whether it be their position, condition, or color, you have many options with cosmetic dentistry. Check out the benefits of veneers and why you should consider getting […]

How to Prevent Mountain Dew Mouth

Mountain Dew is the drink of choice for many soda drinkers from teenagers to adults. The problem with this popular soft drink is its effect on your tooth enamel. The high acidity and sugar content can do a number on your teeth. This drink’s popularity resulted in a new dental health dilemma: Mountain Dew mouth. […]

Everything You Need to Know about Stomatitis

Stomatitis is an infection in the mouth, usually found in children. Stomatitis generally manifests itself as inflammation in patients around the age of six. So, what do you do if your child gets stomatitis, and what are some of the other signs to keep an eye out for? We’ll go over all this so that […]

Practice Good Oral Hygiene for Your Overall Health

We all know that dentists save lives, sure. But what does that mean? Do they literally keep us alive, or is it just an expression? Well, a new study shows just why dental hygiene is important, and how poor hygiene can be detrimental. Check out the importance of oral health in your everyday life. The […]

Ways that Saliva is More Important than You Realize

What is saliva? Well, besides the drool that “salivates” from our mouths when we see something appetizing, its purpose goes deeper than that. Saliva is a combination of bodily water and mucous substances. At times, it is the source of our bad breath, and at other times, it’s hardly there at all—but the importance of […]

The Benefits of Invisalign

Braces have been used, in one form or another, since around 1000 BC. Just like anything that’s been around for that long, there’s been interesting and amazing progress. Take for example that braces are traditionally metal wires, brackets, and rubber bands. Instead of having a mechanical instrument in your mouth, you could reap the Invisalign […]

7 Tooth Myths to Watch Out For

It’s important to understand your teeth. That means getting accurate information and not adding to the divide of misinformation. How exactly do you know what is true and what isn’t? We’ll go over some of the most popular tooth myths and shed light on the honest truth. Debunking Common Tooth Myths 1. Tooth dissolving in […]

How Far Has Dentistry Advanced?

Dentistry has certainly come a long way. Historians aren’t quite sure when and where people started caring about their teeth, but the history of dentistry can be recorded as early as 5,000 BC.  There are some really old dentistry techniques that are, in some form or another, still around. But the changes in dentistry are […]