What Exactly Is Plaque?

Plaque—the archnemesis of the teeth and gums. The antagonist to your oral health. The villain to your brushing and flossing. Dental plaque is the enemy of oral care professionals all over the world. Dentists see even the best patients with a little plaque buildup. That’s why we want to help ramp up everyone’s fight against […]

The Best Reasons to Consider Dentistry as a Career

If you’ve been searching for lucrative careers and you asked, “Should I be a dentist?”, there are some things you should know. Dentistry as a career is one of the most rewarding things you can do, as you’ll change people’s lives on a personal level. You’ll work on improving the thing loved ones will look […]

What Can Periodontal Surgery Do for You?

Maintaining healthy gums goes hand in hand with maintaining healthy teeth. At the same time, many people consider the appearance of their gums an avid proponent of nicer looking teeth. Periodontal care tackles both cosmetic and practical issues you may face with your teeth and gums. The fact is, the benefits of periodontal surgery can […]

5 Ways Dentistry Is Getting Better by the Minute

Going to the dentist used to be anxiety-inducing. For some, that residual fear remains, but is it for any reason? Anxiety remains prevalent, and modern dentistry has found a way to make even that okay with relaxation dentistry. That’s only one of the many dentistry improvements over the years that have greatly reduced fear and […]

Relaxation Dentistry Makes Dental Check Ups a Breeze

One of the biggest reasons people don’t visit the dentist often is because they are afraid. They fear it’s going to hurt or that something will go wrong, despite modern dental technologies rendering dental work virtually painless and risk-free. Nothing makes a dentist sadder than hearing their patients are too scared to get their teeth […]

What to Expect From a Root Canal Procedure

Next time you smile, take a good look at your teeth. Does one or more of them look a bit different or off in any way? For example, is it discolored? Are they sensitive to hot and cold foods more than before? Or possibly, do the gums surrounding the tooth look swollen? All of these […]

This Man Didn’t Brush His Teeth for 20 Years!

Ever since you were a kid, your mother and father probably taught you again and again the importance of going to the dentist, brushing your teeth every day, and reporting to them if your teeth hurt. At a certain point, taking care of teeth becomes second nature to us. Unfortunately, the importance of brushing escapes […]

Should You Get a Bridge or Partial Dentures?

Whenever someone loses their teeth and needs teeth replacement, dentures—being the most traditional option—are often the treatment patients choose. However, many people do not like the way dentures feel. For those patients, there are dental implant alternatives that do much of the same work as traditional dentures. Find out which works best for you, bridges […]

4 Ways to Tell If You Have a Cavity

When too much bacteria, sugars, and/or acids reside on the teeth, the tooth enamel starts to decay. The usual suspects of tooth decay are candy, soda, energy drinks, and a poor oral hygiene routine. When enamel-eating bacteria is left on the tooth for too long, it can dig a hole right into your tooth—a hole […]

Dental Implants: What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Dentures can improve the smile and self-confidence of a patient, all while functioning like real, natural teeth. They effectively give you back your smile, save for a few design quirks. For starters, you’ll need to glue them onto the mouth cavity every day, which can be a time-consuming hassle. If you don’t glue them in […]