Should You Get a Bridge or Partial Dentures?

Whenever someone loses their teeth and needs teeth replacement, dentures—being the most traditional option—are often the treatment patients choose. However, many people do not like the way dentures feel. For those patients, there are dental implant alternatives that do much of the same work as traditional dentures. Find out which works best for you, bridges […]

4 Ways to Tell If You Have a Cavity

When too much bacteria, sugars, and/or acids reside on the teeth, the tooth enamel starts to decay. The usual suspects of tooth decay are candy, soda, energy drinks, and a poor oral hygiene routine. When enamel-eating bacteria is left on the tooth for too long, it can dig a hole right into your tooth—a hole […]

Dental Implants: What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Dentures can improve the smile and self-confidence of a patient, all while functioning like real, natural teeth. They effectively give you back your smile, save for a few design quirks. For starters, you’ll need to glue them onto the mouth cavity every day, which can be a time-consuming hassle. If you don’t glue them in […]

4 Benefits of Botox

When you think of Botox, you may think it’s a luxury of the rich and famous. That, however, is a major misconception. Just like with cosmetic  dentistry, Botox benefits not just your looks, but has a lot of practical effects as well. Let’s take a look. 4 Awesome Botox Benefits 1. Reduce your sweating Over-sweating […]

Benefits of Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile is a fairly new cosmetic dentistry that involves a removable appliance, made from a technologically advanced dental resin. It “snaps” into place to give you a beautiful new smile. The convenience isn’t the only selling point to this innovative piece of dental equipment—learn more about the many Snap-On Smile benefits. Snap-On Smile Benefits […]

Top 5 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry treatments range from basic tooth repair to complete smile makeovers. While all the cosmetic dentistry treatments help your teeth look better, they also revitalize and strengthen them. With all the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in any form, which one is most popular? 5 of the Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments 1. Dental crowns […]

Dr. Balle Named One of the Top Dentists in Nevada

There are plenty of dentists in the Las Vegas area, plenty of competition. Yet, Dr. Balle has come out on top as one of the top Las Vegas dentist practices in the area. This top dentist award highlights those dentists who are best in their fields. Find out why Dr. Balle just might be the […]

Weigh the Benefits: Traditional Crowns vs. CEREC

Sometimes, if we leave cavities unfilled for too long, the tooth decay can spread far into our teeth roots—at this point, you’ll need dental crowns to treat it. Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit tightly over your natural tooth to cover and protect it. Now, there is a new solution called CEREC crowns, or “same […]

4 Alternatives to Dental Implants

Dental implant treatments provide many amazing benefits—after all, it’s like getting a brand new set of teeth that are more durable than your natural teeth. Dental implants, although very flexible, are not for everyone. So, how do you know which dental implant alternatives are right for you? Top 4 Dental Implant Alternatives 1. Traditional fixed […]

Curious about Veneers in Las Vegas?

When you smile, do you like what you see? Is your smile crooked, or are the shape of your teeth irregular? Whatever issue you have with your teeth, whether it be their position, condition, or color, you have many options with cosmetic dentistry. Check out the benefits of veneers and why you should consider getting […]