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  • Teeth Whitening

How White Should Teeth Be?

April 30th, 2021|

How white should teeth be? Tooth whitening is not a new fad, and it has been an ongoing obsession with many people as far back as we started caring about our smiles. Teeth whitening has always had a huge appeal, but white teeth aren’t just an obsession with aesthetics, they often indicate good oral health. A white smile can also have a significant impact on an individual’s confidence and self-image. [...]

  • first time las vegas dentist

What to Expect On Your First Visit to a New Dentist

April 15th, 2021|

Are you nervous about your first visit to your new dentist? Well, don’t be. Visiting a dentist, at least for an annual check-up, is greatly beneficial.  Data for early 2019 suggests that over 60% of the American population of age 18 and above made dental visits. Despite the fact that a large portion of the US population faces dental problems, only a few opt for appropriate dental care. So, even [...]

  • root canal xray

What Is a Root Canal?

March 26th, 2021|

What Is a Root Canal? A root canal secures your teeth in their place and clears the bacteria sitting deep inside the roots of teeth or a tooth. This way, you can get rid of the decaying tooth. Your teeth have a layer of enamel coating protecting them from bacteria. Poor cleaning or no regular cleaning of your teeth can damage this enamel, exposing you to diseases and bacteria. Few [...]

  • candy

Candy Isn’t the Only Thing Harming Your Teeth

March 19th, 2021|

Candy Isn't the Only Thing Harming Your Teeth Contrary to popular belief, candy isn’t the only thing that harms your teeth! Yes, it is true that an excessive intake of sweet and sour candies can lead to tooth decay. Government studies suggest that tooth-decay is four times more common than asthma in adolescents of age 12-19. Tooth-decay notably occurs due to the buildup of sugar-dissolving bacteria on the tooth enamel [...]

  • chipped tooth

A Chipped Tooth? What You Need To Know

March 5th, 2021|

A Chipped Tooth? What You Need To Know Enamel is the tissue that makes up the outside of your teeth. Despite being heavily mineralized and the hardest tissue in the human body, there are limits to its strength. It is the jagging of the tooth that leaves rigid and sharp edges. A chipped tooth can hurt the inside of a mouth by tearing away muscles or gums. This can lead [...]

  • Dentist tools

Is It Safe to Go to The Dentist During COVID?

February 26th, 2021|

Is It Safe to Go to The Dentist During COVID? After the World Health Organization's (WHO) suggestion back in August, most patients were hesitant to visit their dentist. With questions like, ‘is it safe to visit the dental clinic during a global pandemic?’ plaguing their mind, a majority of patients ended up skipping their visits.   But according to Amesh Adalgia- an infectious diseases expert from Johns Hopkins University Center [...]