How to Prevent Mountain Dew Mouth

Mountain Dew is the drink of choice for many soda drinkers from teenagers to adults. The problem with this popular soft drink is its effect on your tooth enamel. The high acidity and sugar content can do a number on your teeth. This drink’s popularity resulted in a new dental health dilemma: Mountain Dew mouth.

What Is Mountain Dew Mouth?

In areas like Kentucky and Appalachia, Mountain Dew mouth is a prevalent issue. Many inhabitants of these areas consider Mountain Dew as a staple, especially since Mountain Dew is an Appalachian creation.

In this region of the United States, dental health is at an all time low. Kentucky has the highest number of adults under 65 without any teeth at all. Dr. Edwin Smith, a dentist who drove his mobile dental truck through the area for 12 years, witnessed the horrible effects of Mountain Dew mouth—kids whose teeth were completely rotten, teenagers who used pliers to pull out their own rotting teeth out of desperation.

Avoiding Mountain Dew mouthHow to Prevent Mountain Dew Mouth

As it turns out, Mountain Dew isn’t the sole cause of this oral health condition. One of the biggest issues in this part of the world is the lack of good dental habits. The education simply just isn’t there. Over a third of U.S. citizens don’t have access to dental health coverage. This would account for a large majority of people who suffer from Mountain Dew mouth.

However, this epidemic of extreme tooth rot and gum disease is avoidable. Proper flossing and brushing techniques can improve your dental health. Also, preventative dentistry can help you avoid troublesome oral health conditions like this one. It’s crucial to visit your dentist regularly.

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Everything You Need to Know about Stomatitis

Stomatitis is an infection in the mouth, usually found in children. Stomatitis generally manifests itself as inflammation in patients around the age of six. So, what do you do if your child gets stomatitis, and what are some of the other signs to keep an eye out for? We’ll go over all this so that you can be prepared.

Stomatitis: The Different Types of Infection

Cold and canker sores

Detecting stomatitis is rather easy. This infection manifests itself in two different ways inside the mouth. If your child is complaining about soreness in the mouth, check for stomatitis symptoms of either canker sores or cold sores.

Canker sores are quite a nuisance, especially in younger children. They find themselves in often inconvenient and uncomfortable places that even adults have trouble ignoring.

Even worse than canker sores are cold sores. Despite cold sores being rather small, these can still cause some discomfort. Cold sores are yellowish, full of fluid, but appear in dry, painful areas in or around the mouth. However, cold sores often don’t last longer than a week.

Causes of stomatitisEverything You Need to Know about Stomatitis

In children, the most common causes of stomatitis are bacterial infections and poorly fitting braces. It isn’t too uncommon for braces to jab a child’s inner cheek, causing it to swell up and get infected. Always make sure your child leaves the orthodontist’s chair feeling completely comfortable.

Other causes of stomatitis include:

  • Viruses
  • Smoking
  • Weak immune system
  • Medication (although rare, some medications can cause oral health issues)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Diet

Treating stomatitis

Treating stomatitis starts with a visit to your dentist. They can diagnose the issue and give you a reasonable treatment plan. If an allergic reaction causes the stomatitis, a visit to your healthcare provider is vital. That way, you can identify what you’re allergic to and take steps to eliminate the side-effects.

Similarly, if it’s caused by a serious disease or viral infection, you’ll need to visit a doctor. Only a doctor can prescribe you the necessary medication. At this point, it’s important (if advisable) to use mouthwash and brush softly but thoroughly.

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Practice Good Oral Hygiene for Your Overall Health

We all know that dentists save lives, sure. But what does that mean? Do they literally keep us alive, or is it just an expression? Well, a new study shows just why dental hygiene is important, and how poor hygiene can be detrimental. Check out the importance of oral health in your everyday life.

The Importance of Oral Health

The more we learn about our health, the more attention we realize our teeth need. That is why there’s an ever-increasing demand for dental awareness. As we’ve stated before, our mouths are the windows to the rest of our bodies.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene for Your Overall Health  Oral health for the heart

The aforementioned study explains that your oral health is directly correlated to the health of your cardiovascular system. If your mouth gets infected, your chance of heart attack can increase. The infection in your mouth can easily enter your bloodstream and make its way to your heart.

If this occurs, it settles in the lining of the heart valve or vessel, making it harder for your heart to function properly. This is called infective endocarditis. This disease is nothing new, of course. However, its correlation with the importance of oral health has recently become a reality.

Sticking to the usual plan of attack

The study goes on to say that brushing and flossing twice a day greatly reduces your chance of heart attack, in light of this discovery. We already knew that brushing and flossing your teeth properly was beneficial, but did you ever think it was saving your life?

Many participants in this study practiced proper cleaning techniques and regular visits to the dentist. By visiting the dentist and taking care of your teeth, you help keep your whole body healthy, and you could reduce your risk for heart attacks and cancer.

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