Get Amazing Results with Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Get Amazing Results with Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Taking good care of your teeth is essential for your overall health and a confident smile. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy starts with a few easy steps, like regular brushing and flossing at home as well as regular checkups and teeth cleaning. To help keep your teeth and gums healthy, your teeth should be cleaned by a dental professional twice a year.

Is Teeth Cleaning Necessary if you Brush Daily?

Yes. Professional teeth cleaning helps wash away plaque and dangerous biofilm that builds up and allows bacteria to cause tooth decay or gum disease and can even contribute to other health problems. Regular brushing, even with an electric toothbrush, can’t clean away this dangerous biofilm.

Sometimes teeth get stained and discolored, even with regular brushing. Some substances like tea, coffee, tomato sauce, or tobacco are highly staining. Professional teeth cleaning can help remove tooth stains along with the damaging biofilm build-up.

Airflow teeth cleaning, known as guided biofilm therapy, can help with both of these dental issues. It’s painless, easy and effective. Here’s how it works.

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy?

Get Amazing Results with Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Airflow Teeth Cleaning uses guided biofilm therapy to prevent tooth decay. Biofilm-containing harmful bacteria build up on your teeth between dental visits. This is referred to as plaque. Unless it’s removed, plaque can erode the surface of your teeth, weakening the tooth enamel and opening the tooth to decay and staining.

Guided biofilm therapy uses biocompatible and safe powders, such as glycine or sugar alcohols, along with water and air to wash away the biofilm on your teeth. The therapy is safe for both natural teeth and dental work, including braces, crowns, and veneers.

Airflow Washes Away Tooth Stains

How does a puff of air clean stains from your teeth? Airflow uses compressed air combined with water and powder in a highly effective process that not only cleans your teeth but also polishes them.  It’s more effective than laser whitening for some tough tooth stains, like smoking or coffee. Laser can also be too harsh for people with sensitive gums. Airflow is recommended for people with stubborn stains and can make a difference in just minutes. Got a big event coming up? This is a great choice for anyone who wants a whiter smile, fast.

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The Airflow Teeth Cleaning Experience

Airflow is simple, painless and fast. The process starts with a consultation with your dentist who will examine your teeth and discuss what results you want to achieve. At your Airflow teeth cleaning appointment, you will just  lie back and get comfortable. Your dentist will apply a painless, soft jet of air, powder and water to your teeth. You may even have a choice of flavors, which is a popular option for children getting the procedure. Results will be obvious right after the treatment.

Comfortable, Effective Teeth Cleaning

Airflow teeth cleaning is more effective than many other teeth polishing therapies on the market. Traditional teeth cleaning methods are not as effective in cleaning hard to reach places.  The stream of compressed air and water can get into tiny spaces in teeth and between gums better than other treatments. Airflow also tends to work faster.

With Airflow, there’s no scraping or picking at your teeth. Most people find it less stressful because of that. The powder that is used is less gritty than traditional cleaning paste as well.

If you have sensitive, weak, or damaged teeth, airflow may be the right choice for you. This procedure is less abrasive than traditional scraping and polishing, making it gentler on the teeth. There’s no direct contact between tooth and instrument, and it doesn’t use rough powders, heat, or vibrations like certain other methods. All of this can help prevent irritation to gums and is more comfortable and easier on your nerves.

Do You Wear Braces?

Are you going to have an orthodontic procedure that uses bonding or sealants? This is often needed to prepare your teeth for traditional metal braces, as well as veneers and caps. If so, your dentist may recommend airflow to prepare your teeth. Airflow can remove virtually all staining and bacteria, creating an ideal surface for bonding your orthodontic devices. And, Airflow is great for a thorough teeth cleaning if you already wear metal braces, where bacteria hides inside the metal brackets and is hard to clean out with other methods.

Balle & Associates Now Offering Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Are you interested in gentle dental care that uses all of the latest technology? At Balle & Associates, we are experienced working with clients of all ages and dental needs. Contact us today to learn more about our dental services or to request an appointment.

Teeth in A Day – Get Your Smile Back Fast!

Teeth in A Day - Get Your Smile Back Fast!

If you have tooth loss, you know how hard it can be to regain a confident smile. Our smiles are one of the most meaningful ways we humans communicate with one another. Losing that form of communication through tooth loss can be traumatic. Modern dental procedures make it easy for you to replace lost teeth and be able to smile confidently again.

Replacing missing teeth is also good for your health. Tooth loss can make gum care more difficult, which can lead to other more serious health problems.  Missing teeth create gaps where food and bacteria become trapped and can cause infections. Shifts in the remaining teeth towards the gaps can also cause jaw pain and headaches.

But there is good news. Whether your tooth loss is due to gum disease or an accident, you have more options than ever to restore your smile. There is now a dental procedure that provides patients with permanent tooth restoration, without having to endure the longer, multi-step process required for individual dental implants.

Teeth in a Day may just be the easiest way to get your smile back, fast. Is it right for you?

How Teeth in a Day Works

Teeth in A Day - Get Your Smile Back Fast!

The Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, also known as implant-supported dentures, or One Step Hybrid, uses the same concept as dental implants, but rather than undergoing another lengthy procedure for each tooth, several teeth are affixed to a single implant.  This method eliminates the need for the dentist to perform bone or sinus grafting, making it faster and more cost effective for you. Implants made of ceramic and titanium are attached to four fixed teeth restorations which are implanted during a single appointment.  Precision imaging technology aids the dentist in placing your implants. Many patients prefer to be completely anesthetized during the procedure, but others choose local anesthesia.

During the healing period, which can be from 6 to 8 weeks, it’s important to maintain a soft diet. The success of the procedure depends on maintaining the position of the implants that was determined by precision imaging.  Avoiding crunchy foods like nuts or uncooked vegetables helps ensure that the dental implants don’t move.

The Benefits of Teeth in a Day

Patients who chose Teeth in a Day rather than traditional removable dentures or individual implants have reported a number of benefits. Not having to spend weeks or months without a complete smile is just one of them. The healing process is also shorter, allowing patients to get back to enjoying their lives sooner.

With permanent implants instead of dentures, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods again. You won’t have to deal with messy denture gels or cleaning them, or worry about slippage or discomfort that dentures can cause. You’ll look great and feel great, and be able to relax and enjoy all the laughter and smiles you’ve been holding back.

Teeth in a Day implants have long-term oral health benefits, too. They will stabilize bone loss and prevent changes to the shape of your jaw that occur with tooth loss. Like dentures, these implants are immune to bacterial infection and bio-compatible. This means they contain no substances that could potentially cause an adverse chemical reaction in the mouth, and they will not decay like real teeth. The denture implants are nearly weightless, yet stronger than real teeth. Because the crown is immediately attached to the implant, the gums can grow around it for a more natural look. Afterwards, patients don’t experience any of the discomfort or inconvenience associated with dentures, like gum soreness, slippage, or having to take their teeth out at night. Care for them as you would your real teeth and continue to get regular dental cleanings and checkups and they will give you long-term results.

The Best Candidates for Teeth in a Day

Teeth in A Day - Get Your Smile Back Fast!

The One Step Hybrid Teeth in a Day procedure is often recommended for wearers of partial or full dentures, as well as for people with one or more missing teeth. It can even be performed the same day as a tooth extraction.

Those who are committed to maintaining a high level of self-care have the best results with this procedure. After treatment, healthy eating habits can help prevent or successfully control conditions like diabetes that can interfere with the natural healing process. Not smoking helps prevent heart disease and reduces the bacteria that causes gum disease. If you suffer from any condition that adversely affects the healing process, this procedure may not be right for you. It is important to provide your dental care professional with all the health information necessary to correctly determine what procedure would be best for your situation.

For many people, Teeth in a Day has proved to be a fast, effective and affordable solution to tooth loss. If you are as committed to your overall health as you are to restoring your smile, it might just be the perfect option for you.

Balle & Associates Las Vegas Teeth in a Day

Balle & Associates offer Teeth in a Day implant-supported dentures at our Las Vegas, Nevada practice, along with a range of advanced cosmetic and general dentistry procedures to meet your dental care needs and help keep your smile bright. If you would like more information on whether this may be a solution for you, give our office a call at 702-919-6864.


Tips for New Denture Wearers

Tips for New Denture Wearers

Dental work is crucial to maintaining your smile, the shape of your face, and your overall health. Sometimes having dental work means replacing teeth that have been lost or become too damaged. You want to be able to smile again with a full set of healthy looking teeth.

For those who need them, dentures have come a long way in recent years. They have become easier to care for and are more comfortable to wear. But, they can take some getting used to and require proper maintenance. Here are four dental tips that all new denture wearers should know:

Make Sure You Give Your Mouth a Break

New dentures take some getting used to. At first, you will feel some mild discomfort as your mouth adapts to wearing them.  So, it’s important to give your mouth a break every now and then. At night, remove your dentures and soak them in a warm water or a denture solution. Next, give your gums a quick rinse with warm salt water. Leave your dentures out until you wake up the next morning. This can help relieve pressure, let your gums rest and recover, and alleviate sore spots that may develop from initial use. If at first, you are noticing more soreness, consider taking breaks throughout the day.

Wear Your Dentures Every Day

Even if you are experiencing soreness, make sure you wear your dentures every day. The dentures have been fit to your current gum and bone shape. If you go for periods without wearing them, the gums and bone can shift and make them more difficult to fit. Also be prepared to see some of your gum line and bone areas recede slightly over time. Since the shape of the dentures doesn’t change, when the recession gets more prominent, you will need to be refitted for new dentures.

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You also want to make sure that you talk and eat as regularly as you can each day. This is important to get your muscles and mouth in shape for long-term use of the dentures and speed up your recovery and adaptation to the new dentures.

Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Tips for New Denture Wearers

Even though your dentures are not real teeth, maintaining your dental health is just as important as before. This includes brushing on a routine basis. One of the benefits of dentures is that you can remove plaque and tartar buildup more easily since you can thoroughly brush your dentures when they are removed.

Make sure you brush your tongue, gums, and insides of your cheeks when your dentures are out to help remove bacteria buildup. Making and keeping regular dental appointments is also critical. These appointments are essential for maintaining the health or your mouth, checking the fit of your dentures, and making sure your gums stay healthy.

Watch What You Eat

It’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet with your new dentures as good nutrition will help keep your mouth and gums heal and stay healthy. Chewing and swallowing may seem awkward at first. Start with soft foods and make chewing easier by taking small bites. There are some foods that are best avoided when wearing dentures. This includes hard and sticky foods such as nuts, corn on the cob, caramel, or chewing gum or tobacco. These can not only be difficult to clean from your dentures but can also damage them. Coffee tends to stain dentures, so limit your intake.

As a denture wearer, It is important for you to stay hydrated by drinking eight 8 ounce glasses of water daily, more if you live in a dry climate. Dentures can lead to a dry mouth, which can result in irritation and bacterial decay harming your gums and remaining teeth. Make it a habit to stay hydrated throughout the day.

After a break in period, you will feel more comfortable with your dentures. If you have continuing discomfort after a month, contact your dentist so your dentures can be adjusted if necessary.

Balle and Associates for Natural Looking Dentures

Balle & Associates offers Swiss-designed natural looking dentures that help maintain your face shape and provide you with a smile that you will always want to show off. Results look so natural no one will even know you wear dentures.

Another Option in Dental Implants

Tips for New Denture Wearers

If you are looking for a more permanent and natural-feeling alternative to replacing lost teeth, consider dental implants. These permanent tooth replacements feel and function like natural teeth. They use a titanium post that will act similarly to your tooth root and keep your natural looking tooth implant attached to your jawbone. Once the dental implant is in place, you’ll never have to deal with dentures again. You will feel like you have regained your natural teeth.

Balle & Associates offers a range of choices in cosmetic dentistry, including dentures and dental implants that restore your most natural and comfortable smile. Talk to our dentists to decide which procedures are right for you.

Contact Balle & Associates today at 702-919-7719 to schedule your appointment where we will assess your current situation and help you determine the best procedure for your situation, and of course, a bright new smile.


Find a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

Find a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

Choosing the best cosmetic dentist can seem daunting. There are no real guides to what is considered the best, and “cosmetic dentistry” can mean a lot of different things. You don’t want to settle for a dentist who won’t do the best job for you, so you should spend some time researching your options.

Why a Cosmetic Dentist?

Find a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

Improving your smile can give you more self-confidence than you’ve ever had. It can even improve your career, helping you to get ahead and earn more money. You will feel happier and less stressed knowing you are presenting your best face to the world.

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A cosmetic dentist will focus on improving how your teeth look. At the same time, the best cosmetic dentists are just as focused on your dental health. They will be able to craft a solution to your dental problems, whether it’s crooked teeth, missing teeth, stained or chipped teeth or something else, to optimize both your look and the longer term stability and health of your teeth and gums. So, in addition to looking great, your teeth will do the job they are supposed to do for you, for years to come. And, healthy teeth and gums help maintain your overall health, which keeps your smile brighter, too.

Here are a list of things to look for when choosing a cosmetic dentist.


While there aren’t specific guidelines for cosmetic dentist education, you can still learn a lot by checking each dentist’s credentials. Find out how many years they have been practicing, and where they went to school. You should be able to find out if they are affiliated with any professional organizations, and if they have won any awards or been recognized for other achievements.  Look for or ask them about specialized training in the type of procedure you are considering.


Find a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

Once you have a few dentists in mind, check your favorite review sites. Patient reviews can tell you a lot about the patient experience and satisfaction with the work. Be sure to read as many as you can because opinions and posts may vary widely.

Ask your friends and family if they have had any cosmetic work on their teeth, or know someone else who might be willing to share their experience. If you trust someone who has already been through the procedure, you  may learn more about what it involves by talking with them. This will help you ask better questions when you interview a dentist. If your friend had a good experience, ask them for a referral to their dentist.

Before and After Pictures

Find a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

Ask to see pictures of work the dentist has already done. It’s one thing to know that your dentist is competent, but seeing the results of his work will help you visualize what you might expect. It will especially let you know how much care the dentist took to achieve good results for his patients.

Make sure you see before and after pictures. If there is a clear improvement in appearance, you can be assured that this dentist knows how to get results. Ask the dentist if he can show you work that was done on teeth similar to yours.

The Dental Office Environment

Find a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

Cosmetic dentistry is more than a quick checkup. It’s a serious investment of your time and money that will have a big impact on your health and happiness with your smile. Take the time check out the location where the work will be completed. Meet the office staff, and observe how comfortable and happy they are working in that environment. You may even be able to chat with other patients at the office who can share their experience with the dentist’s services.

Trust Your Gut

It may not seem like a good reason to accept or deny a certain professional, but especially with something like cosmetic dentistry, find someone you feel comfortable with. Dental work is stressful for most of us. Take time to find a dentist you can trust and who will put your mind at ease. You want to work with the top cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, but you also need to feel the dentist is someone you can personally trust and communicate with about the process.

Balle & Associates Dentists

Find a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Las Vegas

At Balle & Associates, Dr Peter Balle and Dr Tate Guild and their dedicated staff work together to improve not just smiles, but lives. They put patients first, like satisfied dental implant client Beto, seen here with Dr. Balle. The team at Balle & Associates is passionate about their work in cosmetic dentistry, a specialty that is both exciting and also rewarding because it changes people’s lives for the better.

Dr. Peter Balle established his cosmetic and general dentistry practice in 1991. A past president of the Nevada Dental Association, Dr. Balle has won multiple awards from major dentistry organizations and has taught dentists from across the country in the areas of esthetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Tate Guild also holds a Doctoral degree in Dental Medicine. As a professional focused on providing the best patient care, he works to achieve excellent results and a comfortable experience for each of his patients.

Desert Companion Top Dentists of 2018

Balle and Associates were honored to be included among Southern Nevada’s KNPR Desert Companion Top Dentists 2018. This list is compiled by asking other dentists to nominate ‘the best”, making it even more of an honor to be recognized by our peers in the dental community.

Why Choose Balle & Associates?

Unlike many dentists who treat work like an assembly line, Doctors Balle and Guild work closely with each patient to provide the most personal experience possible. They listen carefully to the needs of each client, helping them to work out how much they can afford and giving alternative solutions. They explain clearly what each person can expect every step of the way. Balle & Associates cosmetic dentistry services include dental implants, teeth whitening, bridges and partials, Invisalign braces, porcelain veneers, and even facial aesthetics. To find out more, contact us or call 702-803-9892.

5 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

Are you still undecided about whether getting dental implants is the right choice over sticking with your dentures? Concerned about whether they’re worth the effort to put them in place? We want to share what our patients tell us are the best things about having dental implants, and why they’re happy they made the decision.

What are dental implants?

5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

Dental implants, unlike dentures, are permanent replacements for your missing teeth. You can get one or many teeth replaced with dental implants. A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted in your jaw over which a new artificial tooth is placed. The result is a natural looking tooth that can last up to 30 years. Dental implants feel and work like real teeth, so you can basically treat them that way. Once you have your dental implants, there’s no extra work like there is for dentures.

There are many good reasons to choose dental implants over dentures, including a number of health benefits. Here are five of our patients’ favorite reasons:

1. Dental Implants Stay in Place

Keeping your dentures in place can be time-consuming and frustrating. The adhesive is a pain to apply. Despite your best efforts, the dentures may sometimes slip or loosen. You may find certain foods impossible to enjoy. Dental implants, on the other hand, allow you to eat, laugh, and converse with confidence. You eliminate the worry and embarrassment you had with dentures that can fall out or slip at inopportune times. There’s also no chance your dental implants will get lost. Avoid the stress of having taken them out in a moment of discomfort and not remembering where you left them. You’ll never again have to worry about going for days or weeks without your teeth until you can get a replacement set built. Travel is a lot easier, too, with no fuss about denture care or losing them on the journey.

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2. Your Smile Looks and Feels More Natural

5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

Even the best-constructed dentures often have a slightly unnatural feel. The titanium metal used to fuse dental implants to your jaw eventually will bond with the bone, providing a solid foundation for your new teeth. Your teeth appear and feel like a natural part of your mouth Think about no longer feeling the soreness that can accompany having a removable dental apparatus in your mouth. You’ll be able to smile as much as you want without feeling discomfort. It’ll feel like you have your natural teeth again and allow you to go about your day more comfortable and relaxed.

3. They Help Prevent Bone Loss

The posts connecting your implants to your jaw do more than make you look good. They improve the health of your mouth by promoting bone growth. Dentures do nothing to prevent you from losing bone tissue over time. Continued bone loss with long-term denture use often leads to increasing discomfort or having to get new dentures as your jaw changes shape. Bone loss can give you a prematurely aged appearance as your chin and jaw recede. It can also increase the chances of a jaw fracture. The additional support that dental implants provide to the jaw bone and surrounding teeth is one of their most significant health advantages.

4. It’s Like Caring for Your Natural Teeth

Imagine saying goodbye to the jaw adhesives and denture soaking solutions. You can brush and floss dental implants the same as you would your natural teeth. They’ll last and provide you with lasting support as long as you maintain good oral hygiene. Dental implants don’t get cavities or need root canals. With good regular dental care for your gums and remaining natural teeth, they are designed to last for decades.

5. You’ll Truly Enjoy Eating Once Again

5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

Permanent and stable dental implants let you consume your favorite foods again without worry or discomfort. You won’t have to turn anything away due to fear of having your dentures come out at the table. Imagine being able to chew a carrot or bite into an apple once again. Relax and enjoy social occasions, birthday parties and restaurant meals without worry.

Anyone who’s been living with a removable full upper denture knows they can also interfere with the taste of food. Adhesives may leave a taste behind that diminishes the flavors of your favorite foods. With dental implants, that problem goes away and you can once again experience the complete taste of food. Everyone agrees that good food is a big part of enjoying life. Get more out of your life with dental implants.

Balle and Associates of Las Vegas for Dental Implants

Balle & Associates of Las Vegas specializes in cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, including dental implants and “Teeth in a Day” one-step denture implant services. Contact us today to find out if one of these may be a solution for you. For more information, fill out our online form or call us at (702) 825-7933.

The Story of Dental Veneers

The History of a Brilliant Solution for a Brighter Smile

The Story of Dental Veneers

Today, there are so many ways to improve your looks and your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is one of them. It makes use of advanced technology, including dental veneers, with a wide range of procedures and solutions to help you transform your look and achieve that perfect smile.

Of the cosmetic dental treatments, dental veneers are one of the easiest ways to improve your self-confidence and give yourself a glowing smile. Also known as porcelain veneers, dental veneer treatments are a great way to correct many visible dental anomalies without having to use braces or undergo surgery.  But, what are dental veneers?

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Dental veneers are thin layers of tooth-colored porcelain that are custom-made to fit over the front surface of a patient’s teeth. Veneers are bonded to teeth, and are designed to change their size, shape, position, color or length. This makes them a good solution for people whose teeth are uneven, chipped, stained or have gaps. Dental veneers can give you the straight, white and natural-looking teeth you want.

The Hollywood History of Dental Veneers

The Story of Dental Veneers

Where else but Hollywood would be the origin for a fast, easy solution to imperfect teeth? A California dentist named Charles Pincus fashioned the first dental veneers in 1928. He fit temporary veneers over the imperfect teeth of actors making films in Hollywood. Dr. Pincus’ patients even included the adorable child star, Shirley Temple, who got her first veneers at the age of 8.

In that early version of dental veneers, actors used removable adhesive to attach the veneers to their teeth. The veneers magically turned crooked, gap-filled or stained teeth into a glowing, beautiful, perfect smile for the camera. They had to come off to eat and sleep, and were probably uncomfortable. They truly were just a Hollywood illusion. But, they led to a whole new solution to a common dental problem.

Dental Veneers Make Progress

Veneers remained a temporary solution at best for a number of years. The industry found no bonding agent strong enough to hold the veneers in place for a considerable period of time. Finally, in 1959, Dr. Michael Buonocore introduced etching, a process that still plays an important role in cosmetic procedures and dental restorations. Etching requires a mildly acidic solution to be applied on the surface of the tooth. This created grooves that were deep enough to form a strong bonding surface.

In 1982, R.J Simonsen and J.R Calamia found a way to make the bonding surface even stronger. The first step was to paint hydrofluoric acid on the surface of teeth. Then, the team applied bonding resins to the teeth, letting it seep into the areas onto which acid was applied. The procedure created a strong and long-lasting bond that could hold veneers for several years.

The materials and procedures improved with modernization, resulting in a more affordable procedure. Since then, dental veneers have become accessible to many more dental patients.

Dental Veneer Technology Today

The Story of Dental Veneers

Today, dental veneers are made from high quality, stain resistant materials. As a result, they blend perfectly with natural tooth enamel, resembling healthy and natural smiles.  The thin shells can also be made to perfectly match the natural tooth color, making it hard to distinguish them from real teeth. Dentists use the same etching and bonding techniques, applying a dental sealant that has been found to be safe and reliable. Research and development have brought about modern veneers that last an average of 10-30 years, without the need to repair or replace them.

Why Dental Veneers for Your Teeth?

The Story of Dental Veneers

Some of the problems that dental veneers can help with include discolored teeth, worn, broken or chipped teeth or teeth with gaps. They also help with uneven, misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth. When problems are mainly cosmetic and affect how you feel about your smile, dental veneers are a good way to improve your look. They aren’t a solution for problems caused by poor dental health, such as tooth decay, tooth loss or problems with your bite or conditions like TMD (jaw pain). Those should be addressed by your dentist and may involve other procedures, such as crowns, implants or other care.

Dental veneers have a number of benefits. They are comfortable and feel natural once in place, so you can stop worrying about how you look. You can enjoy normal activities like eating your favorite foods. Veneers are a relatively quick and simple procedure that delivers natural-looking and long-lasting results. They don’t require any special care. Modern veneers are stain resistant, strong and durable. They will not have to be repaired or replaced for a number of years. You will still need regular dental checkups to care for your natural teeth and gums.

Consult Balle and Associates for Dental Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry Services

At Balle & Associates, we offer a range of general and cosmetic dental procedures, including porcelain dental veneers. We also offer a full range of cosmetic dental services, including bridges and partials, dentures and dental implants, as well as teeth whitening. With our cosmetic dentistry procedures, we will make sure that your smile is better and brighter than ever.  Contact us at 702- 877-6608 for a consultation on dental veneers or any cosmetic dental needs.

Taking Care of Dental Bridges

Our teeth require a lot of care and upkeep. That’s a given. But when we get dental implants, veneers, or partials, we are given a bit of a break. Yet, that never means we should ignore the regular upkeep. After all, we still have to take care of our gums and those cosmetic dentistry treatments can still get dirty and even break. That’s why it’s important to learn about dental bridge care.

Dental Bridge Care


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A dental bridge or partial is a necessary restorative treatment that closes gaps of missing teeth. Let’s say you are missing some teeth, but only one or two. You may not find the need for a full set of dentures or even dental implants. That is when someone could find the need for bridges and partials.

Taking care of them is easy. Easier than taking care of dentures and even easier than taking care of regular teeth!

How to take care of your dental bridgeTaking Care of Dental Bridges

A properly placed dental bridge should allow for normal functioning of the mouth. One that is less easy to put up with might have been improperly measured or placed. If that is the case, call your dentist because taking care of them would be rather difficult. Not to mention, uncomfortable.

It’s perfectly normal for a little bit of sensitivity to occur following placement. There’s nothing to worry about as the discomfort is minimal and temporary.

Proper dental bridge care is essentially standard procedure:

  • Brush and floss twice a day
  • Rinse with fluoride mouthwash
  • Schedule regular dental appointments

While you are doing these things, pay close attention to your gums. Whenever you have bridges, implants, or crowns, it becomes a little more difficult to take care of the gums surrounding those areas. So, while you may not be getting a cavity in your new set of teeth, there’s never been a more important time to floss!

The Best Dental Bridge Care

Balle & Associates prides itself in being the most informative cosmetic dentistry practice. Schedule and appointment with Dr. Balle or Dr. Guild for a consultation and see if bridges and partials are right for you.  

Summer Smiles: A Full Mouth Makeover

Summer is coming. As it warms up, we start to think of all the awesome outdoor activities we can do, from swimming to sunbathing. But before the summer hits is a great time to revisit some of those dental flaws that have been bothering you. If your teeth are crooked, damaged, or missing, it may be time for a full summer smile makeover. There are plenty of reasons for a full mouth reconstruction. You can have the smile you’ve always wanted for the summer season.

Why a Summer Smile Makeover?

Have a healthy summer

Some secrets to getting an incredible full mouth makeover start with maintaining that wonderful healthy smile once you get it. That said, as soon as you get your dental implants, you can rest assured that your teeth are at peak performance and cleanliness. Keep it up with proper cleaning techniques, even after your teeth are replaced.

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Smile confidently

Whether you’re going on vacation or spending a lot of time with your family, the best way to top it off is to have a smile you can be proud of. It will make you feel more comfortable and confident no matter what situation you’re in.

Eat whatever you want on vacation Summer Smiles: A Full Mouth Makeover

A full mouth makeover ensures that your teeth are as strong as they have ever been. That means if you had sensitive or cavity-filled teeth and certain foods and drinks hurt your teeth, you can now have a little more freedom with what you eat. So as long as you maintain proper cleaning habits and being a careful not to over consume or eat anything potentially harmful, you can enjoy a vacation full of ease of mind eating.

Feel no discomfort this summer

Your summer smile makeover guarantees that your smile is up to par with the utmost health. If you choose the amazing teeth in a day options, One Step Hybrid dental implants, you’ll experience very minimal pain and little to no stitches. What’s great about One Step Hybrid or teeth in a day is that there is a small process of healing, making your summer smile makeover an almost instant vacation.

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The Very Best Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments You Can Get!

Cosmetic dentistry treatments range from basic tooth repair to complete smile makeovers. While cosmetic dentistry treatments help your teeth look better, they also revitalize and strengthen them. We must offer you only the best cosmetic dentistry options.

With all the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in any form, which one is most popular?

5 of the Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

1. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are useful in filling cavities and rot in teeth when traditional dental fillings are no longer sufficient. Normally, people may want to get dental crowns before their teeth get bad enough for a root canal. Dental crowns are perhaps made more popular by the innovative CEREC crowns procedure. CEREC, or “Same-day-crowns,” allow for all the benefits of dental crowns with the added convenience of time on your side.

2. Porcelain veneers

If a tooth suffers from damage and discoloration, porcelain veneers can help. Your dentist will get rid of the affected area and apply a thin layer of porcelain to the teeth. This gives them a natural white and healthy look. The porcelain veneer treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments out there.

3. Invisalign

Invisalign is a set of durable plastic tooth correction trays that work compared to a regular set of braces. However, Invisalign is a simpler and more convenient way to correct misaligned teeth. Not to mention, they’re virtually undetectable by anyone who looks at you. As a bonus, Invisalign is more comfortable than a regular set of braces. Invisalign comes in handy for a multitude of intraoral issues, such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, and overcrowded or gapped teeth.

4. Composite Fillings

When a simple cavity is formed, it will most likely need the attention and care of a dentist to perform a composite filling on the tooth. Unlike crowns, these are meant for pretty shallow holes in your teeth and is a basic procedure to fill in the tooth. If ignored, your cavities may be in need of dental crowns or a root canal.

5. Teeth whitening

One of the biggest insecurities many people face with their teeth is that they aren’t as white as they would like. That’s why teeth whitening is such a popular option for cosmetic dentistry. Whether it be at home or in office, a professional teeth whitening is guaranteed to raise your confidence and get your teeth looking better.


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The Benefits of Invisalign

Braces have been used, in one form or another, since around 1000 BC. Just like anything that’s been around for that long, there’s been interesting and amazing progress. Take for example that braces are traditionally metal wires, brackets, and rubber bands.


Instead of having a mechanical instrument in your mouth, you could reap the Invisalign benefits and switch to a metal-free mouth. Here’s why many people believe Invisalign is the best cosmetic dentistry treatment out there.

Up to 50% faster

When it comes to braces vs. Invisalign, it’s worth mentioning that you’re not only going to look better with Invisalign, but you’ll also see progress faster. The process of getting Invisalign involves visiting the dentist office to get a new set of Invisalign trays every few weeks or so. That’s because your teeth straighten fast, and the new set of dishes comes just in time to continue the job.

More comfortable

Traditional braces leave you sore afterward for quite some time, and while it’s not extreme, you can withstand teeth straightening procedures without having to endure pain. Invisalign is specially fitted to your teeth for maximum comfort.

Dentists recommend patients keep Invisalign trays in as much as possible. However, you can remove them to eat and brush your teeth. With Invisalign, it’s easier to clean your teeth and gums than it is to get around traditional braces and brackets.


Since your dentist takes a 3D scan of your teeth, you’ll get a complete Invisalign tray that thoroughly covers the area. On top of that, your dentist will determine the best possible solution for you and will give you a comprehensive custom treatment.

Virtually invisible

While wearing your Invisalign trays, no one will notice they’re in your mouth. The Proprietary SmartTrack material is translucent and, when put in your mouth, the only thing people will see is the whiteness of your teeth. It is for this reason that most people consider Invisalign over traditional braces.

Strong material

Standard braces are easy to break or come off the teeth. If you eat anything sticky or too hard, the brackets can pop right off. Luckily, Invisalign benefits include its strong and durable material. Invisalign creators designed their trays so that patients can take them out while eating. This way, you never have to worry about damaging them.

Great for any age

No matter how old or young you are, Invisalign is right for you. Their complete flexibility allows for users of all ages to quickly adapt to using them, and they’re entirely safe. If all your adult teeth are in, but they are crooked, what better time than now to see Invisalign benefits for yourself?

Curious About Veneers in Las Vegas?

When you smile, do you like what you see? Is your smile crooked, or are the shape of your teeth irregular? Whatever issue you have with your teeth, whether it be their position, condition, or color, you have many options with cosmetic dentistry. Check out the benefits of veneers and why you should consider getting them.

Understanding the Benefits of Veneers

Veneers are custom-made pieces of porcelain or resin placed over the tooth that are cosmetic and intended to enhance the appearance the tooth and a patient’s overall smile. If you’re looking to get veneers, you’ll first schedule a consultation with a dentist. During this appointment, your dentist will deem whether or not veneers are right for you.

At your next visit, the dentist will make an impression of the tooth. That impression will aid in creating the porcelain veneer.

After about a week or two, the veneers will come back, ready for bonding. The cosmetic dentist will then adjust the veneer until it’s the right size and shape before bonding. The natural tooth will be cleaned and etched, and then the dentist cements the veneer over the tooth.

Are veneers similar to teeth?

Dental specialists use porcelain or resin materials to make veneers to simulate the texture and aesthetic of natural teeth. Each material has their pros and cons. Porcelain veneers are more resistant to staining, and they reflect more light, making them appear shinier. Resin veneers have a thinner shell.

In any case, the main benefits of veneers are that people generally can’t tell the difference between these two materials and your natural teeth. That’s what makes veneers an adequate dental implant alternative.

Are veneers safe?

For a person to be a candidate for cosmetic veneers, they must have healthy gums and teeth. Additionally, if you suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding, you should ask your dentist about seeking treatment beforehand.

The benefits of veneers are endless. They’re completely safe and have little to no risk involved, making them one of the safest and most painless cosmetic dentistry procedures you can get. There is also almost no recovery time with veneers.

Benefits of Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile is a relatively new cosmetic dentistry that involves a removable appliance, made from a technologically advanced dental resin. It “snaps” into place to give you a beautiful new smile. The convenience isn’t the only selling point to this innovative piece of dental equipment—learn more about the many Snap-On Smile benefits.

It’s perfect for most people

Regarding side-effects or discomfort, there isn’t much to say about Snap-On Smile. It feels great, looks great, and presents an excellent change of appearance for all who wear it. Most people can find benefits from Snap-On Smile. With its versatile material, it can be molded for just about any mouth.

It’s completely safe

Just like a retainer, Snap-On Smile fits over the teeth and stays in place. Because it stays nice and tight around the teeth, there’s little to no wiggle room or any chance it can snap off. It’s made to look and feel like your normal teeth. As long as you use them just as the dentist recommends, you’ll have no issues with Snap-On Smile.

It gives immediate results

While you wear your Snap-On Smile, you’ll already feel like you have a new set of teeth, because the Snap-On Smile looks like regular teeth. But Snap-On Smile benefits more than just your looks. You’ll notice a difference in your confidence above all else. No more having to worry about hiding your teeth when you smile or talk.

It’s fully customizable

Snap-On Smile is right for just about anyone; we can customize it to each’s personal needs. When you go in for your Snap-On Smile appointment, you’ll not only be fitted for the tray, but the dentist will also let you choose the shape, color, and size to suit your needs best.

It’s durable

You don’t have to worry about biting down too hard with Snap-On Smile. It isn’t made up of acrylic or porcelain, but rather a crystallized acetyl resin—a much more powerful and stain-resistant material.  

Best Cosmetic Dentistry Practitioners

If you’re looking for Las Vegas dentists who can assist you with only the best cosmetic dentistry procedures, Balle & Associates is the dental practice for you. We are the go-to office for all things cosmetic dentistry, so see for yourself.

Snap-On Smile for the Season of Spring

Are you ready to show off your teeth this spring? If not, there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re embarrassed about your teeth’s condition or color and need a quick fix this spring, you have options. Dentures, veneers, and teeth implants are great for some people, but if you’re looking for a more affordable and quicker fix, consider the Snap on Smile.

What is Snap on Smile Snap-On Smile for the Season of Spring

Snap-On Smile is a fast and painless motion for cosmetic dentistry that acts as implants alternatives and denture alternatives. Many people who suffer from crooked, stained, or missing teeth are going this route. Snap-on Smile is generally a temporary solution, but you can wear them as much as you’d like. They look realistic, and you can eat and drink with them.

Snap Ons are made out of a very strong but thin substance that resembles tooth enamel, so it vies you a very natural and beautiful look.

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How to get your Snap-on Smile

Many dentist offices across the country offer Snap on Smile. While visiting your Las Vegas dentist office, you’ll be fitted for your new smile. We will take an impression of your teeth, so we can specially mold the Snap on Smile for you.

You’ll also have the option of picking out what style and level of whiteness you want. This will ensure absolute satisfaction with your new smile. After picking them up from the dentist for your final fitting, you can then take them home and enjoy your brand new look.  

The benefits of Snap-on Smile 

There are a number of reasons to get Snap on Smile. Many people have found a good use for them for different reasons. The Snap on Smile is great for people who have:

  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Gaps in between teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Or, maybe you just want a classically beautiful smile without getting dentures or implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry Professionals

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