Teeth in A Day – Get Your Smile Back Fast!

Teeth in A Day - Get Your Smile Back Fast!

If you have tooth loss, you know how hard it can be to regain a confident smile. Our smiles are one of the most meaningful ways we humans communicate with one another. Losing that form of communication through tooth loss can be traumatic. Modern dental procedures make it easy for you to replace lost teeth and be able to smile confidently again.

Replacing missing teeth is also good for your health. Tooth loss can make gum care more difficult, which can lead to other more serious health problems.  Missing teeth create gaps where food and bacteria become trapped and can cause infections. Shifts in the remaining teeth towards the gaps can also cause jaw pain and headaches.

But there is good news. Whether your tooth loss is due to gum disease or an accident, you have more options than ever to restore your smile. There is now a dental procedure that provides patients with permanent tooth restoration, without having to endure the longer, multi-step process required for individual dental implants.

Teeth in a Day may just be the easiest way to get your smile back, fast. Is it right for you?

How Teeth in a Day Works

Teeth in A Day - Get Your Smile Back Fast!

The Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, also known as implant-supported dentures, or One Step Hybrid, uses the same concept as dental implants, but rather than undergoing another lengthy procedure for each tooth, several teeth are affixed to a single implant.  This method eliminates the need for the dentist to perform bone or sinus grafting, making it faster and more cost effective for you. Implants made of ceramic and titanium are attached to four fixed teeth restorations which are implanted during a single appointment.  Precision imaging technology aids the dentist in placing your implants. Many patients prefer to be completely anesthetized during the procedure, but others choose local anesthesia.

During the healing period, which can be from 6 to 8 weeks, it’s important to maintain a soft diet. The success of the procedure depends on maintaining the position of the implants that was determined by precision imaging.  Avoiding crunchy foods like nuts or uncooked vegetables helps ensure that the dental implants don’t move.

The Benefits of Teeth in a Day

Patients who chose Teeth in a Day rather than traditional removable dentures or individual implants have reported a number of benefits. Not having to spend weeks or months without a complete smile is just one of them. The healing process is also shorter, allowing patients to get back to enjoying their lives sooner.

With permanent implants instead of dentures, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods again. You won’t have to deal with messy denture gels or cleaning them, or worry about slippage or discomfort that dentures can cause. You’ll look great and feel great, and be able to relax and enjoy all the laughter and smiles you’ve been holding back.

Teeth in a Day implants have long-term oral health benefits, too. They will stabilize bone loss and prevent changes to the shape of your jaw that occur with tooth loss. Like dentures, these implants are immune to bacterial infection and bio-compatible. This means they contain no substances that could potentially cause an adverse chemical reaction in the mouth, and they will not decay like real teeth. The denture implants are nearly weightless, yet stronger than real teeth. Because the crown is immediately attached to the implant, the gums can grow around it for a more natural look. Afterwards, patients don’t experience any of the discomfort or inconvenience associated with dentures, like gum soreness, slippage, or having to take their teeth out at night. Care for them as you would your real teeth and continue to get regular dental cleanings and checkups and they will give you long-term results.

The Best Candidates for Teeth in a Day

Teeth in A Day - Get Your Smile Back Fast!

The One Step Hybrid Teeth in a Day procedure is often recommended for wearers of partial or full dentures, as well as for people with one or more missing teeth. It can even be performed the same day as a tooth extraction.

Those who are committed to maintaining a high level of self-care have the best results with this procedure. After treatment, healthy eating habits can help prevent or successfully control conditions like diabetes that can interfere with the natural healing process. Not smoking helps prevent heart disease and reduces the bacteria that causes gum disease. If you suffer from any condition that adversely affects the healing process, this procedure may not be right for you. It is important to provide your dental care professional with all the health information necessary to correctly determine what procedure would be best for your situation.

For many people, Teeth in a Day has proved to be a fast, effective and affordable solution to tooth loss. If you are as committed to your overall health as you are to restoring your smile, it might just be the perfect option for you.

Balle & Associates Las Vegas Teeth in a Day

Balle & Associates offer Teeth in a Day implant-supported dentures at our Las Vegas, Nevada practice, along with a range of advanced cosmetic and general dentistry procedures to meet your dental care needs and help keep your smile bright. If you would like more information on whether this may be a solution for you, give our office a call at 702-919-6864.


5 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

Are you still undecided about whether getting dental implants is the right choice over sticking with your dentures? Concerned about whether they’re worth the effort to put them in place? We want to share what our patients tell us are the best things about having dental implants, and why they’re happy they made the decision.

What are dental implants?

5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

Dental implants, unlike dentures, are permanent replacements for your missing teeth. You can get one or many teeth replaced with dental implants. A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted in your jaw over which a new artificial tooth is placed. The result is a natural looking tooth that can last up to 30 years. Dental implants feel and work like real teeth, so you can basically treat them that way. Once you have your dental implants, there’s no extra work like there is for dentures.

There are many good reasons to choose dental implants over dentures, including a number of health benefits. Here are five of our patients’ favorite reasons:

1. Dental Implants Stay in Place

Keeping your dentures in place can be time-consuming and frustrating. The adhesive is a pain to apply. Despite your best efforts, the dentures may sometimes slip or loosen. You may find certain foods impossible to enjoy. Dental implants, on the other hand, allow you to eat, laugh, and converse with confidence. You eliminate the worry and embarrassment you had with dentures that can fall out or slip at inopportune times. There’s also no chance your dental implants will get lost. Avoid the stress of having taken them out in a moment of discomfort and not remembering where you left them. You’ll never again have to worry about going for days or weeks without your teeth until you can get a replacement set built. Travel is a lot easier, too, with no fuss about denture care or losing them on the journey.

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2. Your Smile Looks and Feels More Natural

5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

Even the best-constructed dentures often have a slightly unnatural feel. The titanium metal used to fuse dental implants to your jaw eventually will bond with the bone, providing a solid foundation for your new teeth. Your teeth appear and feel like a natural part of your mouth Think about no longer feeling the soreness that can accompany having a removable dental apparatus in your mouth. You’ll be able to smile as much as you want without feeling discomfort. It’ll feel like you have your natural teeth again and allow you to go about your day more comfortable and relaxed.

3. They Help Prevent Bone Loss

The posts connecting your implants to your jaw do more than make you look good. They improve the health of your mouth by promoting bone growth. Dentures do nothing to prevent you from losing bone tissue over time. Continued bone loss with long-term denture use often leads to increasing discomfort or having to get new dentures as your jaw changes shape. Bone loss can give you a prematurely aged appearance as your chin and jaw recede. It can also increase the chances of a jaw fracture. The additional support that dental implants provide to the jaw bone and surrounding teeth is one of their most significant health advantages.

4. It’s Like Caring for Your Natural Teeth

Imagine saying goodbye to the jaw adhesives and denture soaking solutions. You can brush and floss dental implants the same as you would your natural teeth. They’ll last and provide you with lasting support as long as you maintain good oral hygiene. Dental implants don’t get cavities or need root canals. With good regular dental care for your gums and remaining natural teeth, they are designed to last for decades.

5. You’ll Truly Enjoy Eating Once Again

5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Got Dental Implants

Permanent and stable dental implants let you consume your favorite foods again without worry or discomfort. You won’t have to turn anything away due to fear of having your dentures come out at the table. Imagine being able to chew a carrot or bite into an apple once again. Relax and enjoy social occasions, birthday parties and restaurant meals without worry.

Anyone who’s been living with a removable full upper denture knows they can also interfere with the taste of food. Adhesives may leave a taste behind that diminishes the flavors of your favorite foods. With dental implants, that problem goes away and you can once again experience the complete taste of food. Everyone agrees that good food is a big part of enjoying life. Get more out of your life with dental implants.

Balle and Associates of Las Vegas for Dental Implants

Balle & Associates of Las Vegas specializes in cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, including dental implants and “Teeth in a Day” one-step denture implant services. Contact us today to find out if one of these may be a solution for you. For more information, fill out our online form or call us at (702) 825-7933.

Summer Smiles: A Full Mouth Makeover

Summer is coming. As it warms up, we start to think of all the awesome outdoor activities we can do, from swimming to sunbathing. But before the summer hits is a great time to revisit some of those dental flaws that have been bothering you. If your teeth are crooked, damaged, or missing, it may be time for a full summer smile makeover. There are plenty of reasons for a full mouth reconstruction. You can have the smile you’ve always wanted for the summer season.

Why a Summer Smile Makeover?

Have a healthy summer

Some secrets to getting an incredible full mouth makeover start with maintaining that wonderful healthy smile once you get it. That said, as soon as you get your dental implants, you can rest assured that your teeth are at peak performance and cleanliness. Keep it up with proper cleaning techniques, even after your teeth are replaced.

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Smile confidently

Whether you’re going on vacation or spending a lot of time with your family, the best way to top it off is to have a smile you can be proud of. It will make you feel more comfortable and confident no matter what situation you’re in.

Eat whatever you want on vacation Summer Smiles: A Full Mouth Makeover

A full mouth makeover ensures that your teeth are as strong as they have ever been. That means if you had sensitive or cavity-filled teeth and certain foods and drinks hurt your teeth, you can now have a little more freedom with what you eat. So as long as you maintain proper cleaning habits and being a careful not to over consume or eat anything potentially harmful, you can enjoy a vacation full of ease of mind eating.

Feel no discomfort this summer

Your summer smile makeover guarantees that your smile is up to par with the utmost health. If you choose the amazing teeth in a day options, One Step Hybrid dental implants, you’ll experience very minimal pain and little to no stitches. What’s great about One Step Hybrid or teeth in a day is that there is a small process of healing, making your summer smile makeover an almost instant vacation.

Get Your Complete Smile Makeover Consultation

The team at Balle & Associates is your go-to dental practice for cosmetic dentistry. If you’re looking for a brand new smile with summer smile makeover dental implants, consider a life-changing procedure with us. Schedule your consultation today!

Dr. Balle Named One of the Top Dentists in Nevada

There are plenty of dentists in the Las Vegas area, plenty of competition. Yet, Dr. Balle has come out on top as one of the top Las Vegas dentist practices in the area. This top dentist award highlights those dentists who are best in their fields. Find out why Dr. Balle just might be the best cosmetic dentist and general practitioner in Clark County.

The Top Las Vegas Dentist

Dr. Balle has been working in the Las Vegas area for more than 20 years, and his reputation as a reliable family practitioner and cosmetic dentist has grown exceptionally.

Our top Las Vegas dentist, Dr. Balle graduated from San Diego University and Case Western Reserve University with degrees in biology and dentistry. It was there he learned his advanced training in dental reconstruction for dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers, and dental implants. His dental license extends his practice from Nevada to Arizona.

His achievements in the dental field are numerous. He has earned fellowship awards at the Academy of General Dentistry, American College of Dentists, and the International College of Dentists. He is also a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, American Dental Associates, and a previous president of the Southern Nevada Dental Society.

You can also find Dr. Peter S. Balle teaching dentistry as an Assistant Professor at UNLV School of Dental Medicine.

Award Winning Dental PracticeDr. Balle Named One of the Top Dentists in Nevada

Dr. Peter S. Balle has earned the title of top Las Vegas dentist through his work in cosmetic dentistry. Yet, his office is also known for treating Bruxism, TMD, and other jaw related issues.

Here are some of the other services Balle and Associates offers:

  • Dental implants (All-On-4, One Step Hybrid, etc.)
  • Invisalign
  • Dental crowns with CEREC
  • Cosmetic (whitening, fillings, veneers, etc.)
  • TMD and Bruxism treatments
  • And more…

Dr. Balle also offers Facial Aesthetics and Rejuvenation services that truly make his practice sound out against the rest. This practice entails botox, Juvederm, and Bolotero Balance. It goes beyond your teeth and focuses on the muscles of the face, an often overlooked aspect of dentistry. Out of all the Nevada dentists, no one’s as committed to improving your overall facial aesthetics as Dr. Balle & Associates.

Welcome to Balle & Associates

The number one dentist in Las Vegas is ready to help you with whatever you need regarding your oral health. Schedule a visit with the top Las Vegas dentist today.

Reasons to get Teeth in One Day

Every year, experts make breakthroughs in the medical field. As far as dentistry goes, dentists are always in the front adopting top of the line technologies and innovative dental implants. Dental implants themselves have been around since before George Washington’s wooden teeth, but today, they are something truly remarkable. What is even more remarkable is the new addition to dental implant options, and that’s Teeth in a Day. Here are some reasons you should get dental implants fast.

Reasons to get Teeth in One Day

Benefits of Teeth in a Day

Quick and painless surgery

Traditional dental implants may take a couple of visits during which patients must sometimes endure pain or numbing. Teeth in a Day, however, can be implanted in around one hour. Procedures and recovery time vary from patient to patient, depending on the amount of work needed. Many patients are recommended to come in to prepare the teeth and plan the implant and to create scans and impressions. However, the big procedure itself is quick: Teeth in a Day.

Realistic looking teeth

Teeth in a Day have all the benefits of regular dental implants, but you get them much quicker. They are also best for people who do not want traditional dentures or removable parts. Teeth in a Day are a perfect solution for a quick perfect smile that look just like real teeth.

Fast recovery

Our Teeth in a Day procedure involves a very quick process. Not much needs to be done during the actual installation of your teeth. With that said, your mouth doesn’t require as much healing. It means a much quicker recovery rate and much quicker solution to a better smile.

Better oral health

When we extract the troublesome or damaged teeth, you then become free of the unhealthy decay or periodontal disease in those teeth. You then have a better chance at eliminating future problems. As long as you continue to take care of your new teeth, you can maintain oral health. You’ll still come in for regular visits just like any other patient to ensure your gums, bone, and implants are healthy.

Teeth in a Day with Balle and Associates

The staff at Balle and Associates have the training to implant your new teeth in just one hour. The Teeth in a Day procedure is guaranteed to change your life, so contact us today to set up an appointment.

The Stages of Tooth Loss

Tooth and bone loss may happen when periodontal disease goes untreated. Gum disease causes the teeth and bones to break down or dissipate completely. Another cause of tooth loss can be from decay that has damaged most of the tooth structure. Your teeth are made of different parts: the pulp, the dentin, the enamel, and the cementum. The various stages of tooth loss all start with a little bacteria. Learn more about the process so you can avoid it.

The Stages of Tooth Loss

The Stages of Tooth Loss


  • First signs of tooth decay


In one of the first stages of tooth loss, colored spots may appear on your teeth. They’re either white, brown, or yellow and start out in small areas of your teeth. This occurs when the enamel itself is becoming damaged from failure to remove biofilm, which is called decalcification. At this stage, decalcification may be reversible. To learn about the best treatment for your condition, speak with your dentist.


  • Enamel decay


When the enamel starts decaying, the layer below the surface of your teeth starts breaking down, and your tooth becomes weaker. This is where the outer portion of your tooth can appear damaged and even break open. When caught early, decay can be treated. Remember, all decay does not hurt, and you may not be able to see it without radiographs.


  • Dentin Decay


Beneath the enamel is the dentin, the hard bony portion of your tooth that gives the tooth its density. If your tooth decay goes untreated in the enamel stage, it can proceed to eat away at your dentin. Once your dentin begins to break down, your teeth are at a heightened risk of breaking or fracturing. Understand that at this stage, you may not experience pain, and it is still possible to repair that tooth.


  • Infected pulp


Beneath the dentin is the pulp, a series of blood vessels and living connective tissues keeping your teeth alive. The pulp provides nourishment and keeps your teeth alive and healthy. When decay reaches this area, it causes the tooth to die. This can be extremely painful for most people, but in some cases, it may happen without symptoms.


  • Abscess growth


In the final stage of tooth loss, the tooth is essentially dead. Once the tooth dies, it moves into the bone and jaw. This may cause it to swell, and an abscess may form. At this stage of inflammation, your cheeks may become swollen. Your dentist may give you antibiotics to help with this infection, but more than likely, either a root canal or tooth extraction will be required.


  • Tooth loss


When you lose a tooth to either periodontal disease or tooth decay, the supporting bone may be reduced as well. The surrounding teeth may shift, causing problems with your bite. It is important to learn all of your replacement options and choose the best option for your situation. Upon losing a tooth, you may experience a change in diet, a changed facial appearance, misalignment of teeth, and speech difficulty or change.

Getting Your Smile Back

Tooth and bone loss may be avoided through preventative measures like regular dental visits and proper cleaning techniques, but there are also things you can do to restore that smile once you’ve lost it. One solution is the One Step Hybrid dental implant, a restorative procedure that gives you new teeth in just one day. Call us to help you with prevention of these issues or if you are faced with tooth loss, let us help you get a healthy and happy smile back.

Why You Don’t Need Luck to Have Beautiful Teeth

Not all of us are born with a perfect smile. But even though you were born that way, you don’t have to live that way. You may require some dental work, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Cosmetic dentistry just might be your perfect solution.

Why You Don’t Need Luck to Have Beautiful Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry and Getting Beautiful Teeth

There are a variety of ways cosmetic dentistry can help: jagged or uneven teeth, stains or discoloration, worn enamel, or maybe you’re just not satisfied with your smile. In any case, you have many options to discuss with your dentist.

Teeth whitening

Let’s say your teeth are an off-white color, but you idealize having pearly whites. Luckily, there are options for both in the dentist office and at home. You’ll get the best results from your cosmetic dentist, but you can start with these at-home remedies:

  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Tooth whitening trays
  • Tooth whitening strips

At-home whitening treatments have different results than the professional treatments your dentist provides. Teeth whitening trays, for example, are best used in the office by your dentist. They can fit the tray perfectly for your mouth, while at home it might be more difficult. Your dentist will use a bleaching agent that’s more powerful and therefore more effective. Over the counter products only give a small degree of effectiveness.


Veneers are a porcelain tooth-colored shell that goes over the surface of the teeth, designed to remain stain-resistant while covering damaged or discolored teeth. It also gives the wearer straighter and more natural looking teeth without the use of braces.

To get veneers for your teeth, schedule an appointment with your dentist. It may require three separate visits, including your consultation, which is important for you and the dentist to decide if you’re a good candidate for porcelain veneers. From then on, the dentist will reshape, prepare, and place the veneers.


If you have broken or damaged teeth, crowns or CEREC crowns may be a good option for you to look into. A crown is designed to cover the top of the tooth where it is exposed. The dentist will remove the damaged outer enamel so the tooth-like crown can fit around it. The crown itself is identical to a normal tooth, so no longer will you have to worry about having metal in your mouth.

Here are some reasons to consider getting fitted for crowns:

  • Damaged or broken tooth
  • If you had a root canal
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Discolored teeth

With crowns, it’s also important to find out if you’re a good candidate, so schedule an appointment with your dentist for your consultation on dental crowns or one-day CEREC crowns in Las Vegas.


If you’re missing some teeth or have big gaps you want to fill in, bridges or “partial” dentures are an option. Similar to crowns and veneers, bridges resemble real teeth. This also may take up to three visits. The dentist must remove some of the enamel for the new “teeth” to fit into the gaps. Then, the dentist prepares a temporary bridge to ensure nothing changes in your mouth.

If you’re missing only certain teeth and different sides of an otherwise healthy tooth, partial dentures are still an excellent choice. These allow you to take them out and put them back in like regular dentures, but you’ll still have all your teeth.

The Next Step to a Beautiful Smile

If you find yourself a viable candidate for any of the aforementioned cosmetic dentistry procedures, schedule an appointment with your dentist for a consultation and get your teeth “straightened out”. There are more options available than listed in this article (invisalign, snap on smile, etc.), so be sure to go to the cosmetic dentistry section for more information. Get a beautiful smile today!

What Are Some Dental Implant Alternatives?

Despite the medical advancement of dental implants in Las Vegas, some people are still uncomfortable with dental implants. Whether it’s the surgery or the price, some people prefer dental implant alternatives. Here are the three dental implant alternatives we offer at Balle and Associates.

Here Are Some Alternatives to Getting a Dental Implant


Some people have an affinity for dentures in Las Vegas. Either due to the comfort and ease, or to some of our patients, the quirkiness of literally pulling out your teeth, dentures have been the mainstay for people looking for alternatives to dental implants. Dentures are completely natural looking and functional; they can either be permanent or removable. Consult Dr. Balle and his associates to see what type of dentures in Las Vegas best for you.


Imagine bridges as incomplete dentures. They only cover a section of missing teeth. This dental implant alternative is great for people who can still retain some of their natural teeth but are embarrassed by their missing ones. Bridges are constructed in a similar way as dentures. Your dentists in Las Vegas take an impression of your mouth and create a partial that’s comfortable to wear and clean.


Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit on the outside of a broken tooth. This crown is typically made from ceramic, and it protects the broken tooth from bacterial infections and tooth decay. If it is required, the dentist drills part of the natural tooth away, then cements the crown over the tooth. He or she then cures it, so it doesn’t move.

Often, crowns are only suitable for one to a few teeth. In our dental office, we have the CEREC same-day crown machine. This machine creates a digital mold of the original tooth in as little as a few seconds. The results are completely natural looking. If you’re interested in receiving these smaller alternatives to dental implants, we can help.

Need to Replace a Tooth before Valentine’s Day?

Don’t spend 2017 walking around with missing teeth. If you prefer dentures or dental implants, the dental office of Doctor Balle and Associates can help. Our team of experts specializes in dentures in Las Vegas and other alternatives for dental implants. Schedule an appointment today and receive the best oral care in Las Vegas.