Why Should You Get CEREC Crowns

Getting crowns isn’t normally a fast process. It’s effective and painless, but usually takes more than one trip to the dentist. Between visits to the dentist, you wear temporary acrylic crowns until the permanent ones are completed. While that doesn’t sound so bad, the new process for same day crowns, CEREC, is a revolutionary procedure to consider.

What Are CEREC Same Day Crowns?

CEREC, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is the latest in teeth restoration technology. Instead of waiting two to three weeks for your crowns to be made, CEREC crowns are made by digitally mapping out your teeth with a CAD/CAM machine and then 3D printing out strong, durable crowns that very same visit to the dentist.

The technology for quick dental crowns is a combination of new 3D printing capabilities as well as awesome digital computing effects. Despite being a brand new and effective means for producing same day crowns, only a handful of dental offices have the technology.

Why You Should Get Same Day Crowns

There are plenty of reasons to get same day crowns. You can’t deny its quickness or its effectiveness, but overall, you’ll be glad you chose CEREC.

Accurate Scan for a Better Fit

The CAD/CAM machines scan up to 40% more accurately than the impression molds can give. The problem with impressions is that they can move and usually take a few tries before an accurate and detailed impression appear. A digital scan shows, in detail, what it takes to fit a crown over the allotted area.

CEREC is Strength

The porcelain used to make traditional crowns are formed from a powder liquid mostly by hand. This allows for weak spaces within the porcelain. With CEREC crowns, a machine is regulated, creating a precise and strong crown. The materials used by the machine tend to be stronger by nature.

Your Crown is Saved as a Digital File

The best part about same day crowns being digital is that they are permanently saved in the system. That doesn’t sound so amazing until you breakWhy Should You Get CEREC Crowns  one of your crowns. With traditional crowns, going to the dentist with a broken crown is like going back to square one where you have to take more impressions and wait another two weeks for your new crown. Not with CEREC same day crowns—they’ll be saved and ready for you when you get there.

More Control

Every step of the way, you and your dentist have complete control over how your same day crowns come out. If you need to tweak them to accommodate a better, more accurate bite or have to make some sort of custom change to it, it’s very easy to do so.

No Temporary Crowns

Possibly the biggest selling point of same day crowns is the fact you don’t need to wear a temporary crown. A temporary is a very necessary step in getting crowns, and while they’re not necessarily uncomfortable or painful in any way, it’s just much nicer get your permanent ones right away. Temporaries have been known to break relatively easily, and permanent crowns (especially CEREC) tend to last a long time.

Where to Get CEREC Same Day Crowns

Stay up to date with the highest quality and most effective modern solutions for dentistry. That’s why Balle and Associates has adopted CEREC same day crowns. If you’re in need of crowns, consider the convenience and power of CEREC and see what we can do for you.

How to Make Your Teeth Stronger

Dental care is very important. The most important thing about it, keep in mind, is how strong your teeth are. You can do many things to improve the strength of your teeth, from watching what you chomp on to self maintenance. Check out this list of things you can do to improve the overall strength of your pretty pearly whites.

How to Make Your Teeth Stronger

How to Get Stronger Teeth

1. Fluoride products

Using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash is like adding a protective shield to your tooth enamel. On top of protecting your teeth, fluoride also aids in repairing and strengthening your enamel each time you use it. So get brushing!

2. Avoid certain foods

It’s perfectly okay to enjoy a piece of candy from time to time, but over consumption of sugary or acidic substances can have harsh long term effects on the strength of your enamel. Things like candy, soda and energy drinks, or even fruit juice contain high amounts of teeth-weakening sugar and acids.

To maintain proper dental care, eat calcium-enriched foods like dairy, because they work to strengthen your teeth and bones. It’s a good idea to have a good balance of calcium in your diet if you enjoy eating or drinking sugary things.

3. Don’t grind your teeth

It can be hard for a lot of people to quit this nasty habit also known as bruxism. But, it’s important to stop this habit if you want to get stronger teeth. For many, it’s an involuntary neurological condition that requires professional treatments. Grinding or clenching your teeth can break down tooth enamel a little bit at a time and eventually lead to jagged, chipped, and weakened teeth.

Often, people will grind their teeth, so if you wake up in the morning feeling tense and your teeth aren’t as strong as they should be, there are treatment options, including:

  • Nightly Mouth Guards
  • Botox
  • Relaxation Treatment

Make an appointment with your dentist to help resolve the issue, but keep in mind that grinding your teeth could be a sign of something more severe like sleep apnea, in which case you should discuss options with your healthcare provider. Learn more about bruxism here.

Your Dentist Can Help

Possibly the most important thing on the list is scheduling regular dentist visits. Your local dentist will ensure that your teeth are as healthy and strong as they possibly can be, so it’s critical to visit your dentist at least every six months.
Your dental health is vital to your overall health. Schedule an appointment with Balle & Associates today.

4 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Tongue

Your poor tongue. It may not be the most attractive part of your mouth, and it may not be the focus of cosmetic procedures, but the tongue is critical. A healthy tongue helps you enjoy the foods you love. It’s one of the mouth’s major defense mechanisms against plaque and bacteria. It helps you articulate your words. It’s also very important for kissing in the French persuasion! You have to keep it clean and happy, so here are four ways to keep a healthy tongue.

4 Ways to Keep a Healthy Tongue

Watch the color

Your tongue’s color can reveal the state of your oral health. The healthy tongue color is bright pink and smooth. There should not be any fissures, wrinkles, or legions. If your tongue is black, red, or has patches of white, see a dentist immediately. You could be at risk for certain tongue problems, like a bacterial infection or symptoms of something more serve.

Drink more water and avoid acidic drinks

A dry tongue is an unhappy tongue. Without the help of saliva, the tongue would become dry and cracked, allowing more bacteria into a patient’s system. The tongue would also be unable to taste food, making all those delicious chicken parmesan dinners bland and gross. By drinking more water, you can keep your saliva glands healthy and saliva production regular. Drinking acidic drinks can contribute to more bacteria production and dry mouth.

Scrape your tongue regularly

Scraping your tongue once in awhile can cut back on the bad breath and acid producing bacteria in the oral cavity. Tongue scraping has also been shown to reduce the effects of halitosis.

Get regular dental check-ups

During regular dental check-ups, a dentist may ask you to stick out your tongue for inspection. The reason they’re doing this is not to see what you ate last night. No, what they’re actually looking for is abnormalities patients may not notice. Abnormalities include looking for sores, discoloration, or the onset of thrush or cancer. If your dentist doesn’t ask you to stick out your tongue, don’t worry. Most dentists perform the inspection while cleaning your teeth.

Why It’s Okay to Stick Your Tongue Out at Us

At Balle and Associates, we want to see your healthy tongue color and your smile. If you have any oral health concerns, schedule an appointment today. We’ll happily ask you to stick your tongue out.