5 Ways Dentistry Is Getting Better by the Minute

Going to the dentist used to be anxiety-inducing. For some, that residual fear remains, but is it for any reason? Anxiety remains prevalent, and modern dentistry has found a way to make even that okay with relaxation dentistry. That’s only one of the many dentistry improvements over the years that have greatly reduced fear and improved overall quality of oral health. Here’s how dentistry has improved in recent years.

Dentistry Improvements Over the Years

1. Dental implants

When dental implants first came around, they took the world of dentistry by storm. Dental implants are full teeth replacements that involve removing the tooth and surgically implanting an artificial, but aesthetically accurate and strong tooth. The useage of dental implants is pretty widespread at this point; many dental practices across the globe have adopted the treatment.

2. Minimally invasive treatments

It used to be all about full mouth surgery—that is what was required when dealing with a harsh reality. But luckily in today’s age of technology, dental work can be done quite minimally invasive. With minimally invasive treatments, more of your tooth and gums can be conserved and spared. The healing process for these procedures is essentially brief to non-existent.

3. Speed

A lot of the dentistry improvements have to do with speed: treatments are faster because they are easier and more efficient. Theoretically, the faster you treat the patient, the less discomfort a patient may feel (if they feel any at all at this point). With new things like Teeth in a Day or Same-Day CEREC crowns, you can be in and out of the dentist in record time.

4. Better cosmetics5 Ways Dentistry Is Getting Better by the Minute

As recent as 30 years ago, dentists would place metal caps on teeth instead of fillings or crowns. These metal caps are very noticeable and wouldn’t work quite the same. Now, we have acrylic and porcelain veneers, crowns, and composite fillings that do the work better than caps, much more aesthetically.

5. Dental technology

With advances in technology happening so quickly, it’s no wonder that dentistry improvements happen all the time. Not that long ago, dentists only relied on that goopy mess to take dental impressions—now, many of those impressions are digital, making the patient feel much more comfortable.

That goes for X-ray technology as well—it’s all digital. Just about all the tools and equipment the dentist uses and have used has impressively changed over the years for quality and comfort.

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How to Prevent Mountain Dew Mouth

Mountain Dew is the drink of choice for many soda drinkers from teenagers to adults. The problem with this popular soft drink is its effect on your tooth enamel. The high acidity and sugar content can do a number on your teeth. This drink’s popularity resulted in a new dental health dilemma: Mountain Dew mouth.

What Is Mountain Dew Mouth?

In areas like Kentucky and Appalachia, Mountain Dew mouth is a prevalent issue. Many inhabitants of these areas consider Mountain Dew as a staple, especially since Mountain Dew is an Appalachian creation.

In this region of the United States, dental health is at an all time low. Kentucky has the highest number of adults under 65 without any teeth at all. Dr. Edwin Smith, a dentist who drove his mobile dental truck through the area for 12 years, witnessed the horrible effects of Mountain Dew mouth—kids whose teeth were completely rotten, teenagers who used pliers to pull out their own rotting teeth out of desperation.

Avoiding Mountain Dew mouthHow to Prevent Mountain Dew Mouth

As it turns out, Mountain Dew isn’t the sole cause of this oral health condition. One of the biggest issues in this part of the world is the lack of good dental habits. The education simply just isn’t there. Over a third of U.S. citizens don’t have access to dental health coverage. This would account for a large majority of people who suffer from Mountain Dew mouth.

However, this epidemic of extreme tooth rot and gum disease is avoidable. Proper flossing and brushing techniques can improve your dental health. Also, preventative dentistry can help you avoid troublesome oral health conditions like this one. It’s crucial to visit your dentist regularly.

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