Despite the medical advancement of dental implants in Las Vegas, some people are still uncomfortable with dental implants. Whether it’s the surgery or the price, some people prefer dental implant alternatives. Here are the three dental implant alternatives we offer at Balle and Associates.

Here Are Some Alternatives to Getting a Dental Implant


Some people have an affinity for dentures in Las Vegas. Either due to the comfort and ease, or to some of our patients, the quirkiness of literally pulling out your teeth, dentures have been the mainstay for people looking for alternatives to dental implants. Dentures are completely natural looking and functional; they can either be permanent or removable. Consult Dr. Balle and his associates to see what type of dentures in Las Vegas best for you.


Imagine bridges as incomplete dentures. They only cover a section of missing teeth. This dental implant alternative is great for people who can still retain some of their natural teeth but are embarrassed by their missing ones. Bridges are constructed in a similar way as dentures. Your dentists in Las Vegas take an impression of your mouth and create a partial that’s comfortable to wear and clean.


Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit on the outside of a broken tooth. This crown is typically made from ceramic, and it protects the broken tooth from bacterial infections and tooth decay. If it is required, the dentist drills part of the natural tooth away, then cements the crown over the tooth. He or she then cures it, so it doesn’t move.

Often, crowns are only suitable for one to a few teeth. In our dental office, we have the CEREC same-day crown machine. This machine creates a digital mold of the original tooth in as little as a few seconds. The results are completely natural looking. If you’re interested in receiving these smaller alternatives to dental implants, we can help.

Need to Replace a Tooth before Valentine’s Day?

Don’t spend 2017 walking around with missing teeth. If you prefer dentures or dental implants, the dental office of Doctor Balle and Associates can help. Our team of experts specializes in dentures in Las Vegas and other alternatives for dental implants. Schedule an appointment today and receive the best oral care in Las Vegas.