Donning a sparkly, shiny smile is what we all dream for. It not shows off our dental hygiene and health but also boosts our self-esteem. But more often than not, you may have or seem yellow or discolored teeth, making you self-conscious of your appearance.


In turn, it alters how we feel about ourselves and affects how others perceive us. Although a smile is said to improve mood and bring out positivity, research has shown that the better we feel about our look, the better we feel about ourselves.


Moreover, a smile is contagious; when you smile, others smile back at you that further spreads happiness and liveliness in the environment. Since a smile is communicable, it tells people how you’re feeling at the moment and in their company. With a dazzling, radiant smile, you can generate an optimistic feeling and positive message to people around you.


People generally assume you are confident, friendly, and approachable when you smile at them. They accept you as trustworthy and intelligent people, compared to those with a serious expression. So, whether you’re at a social gathering, in a job interview, or walking in the park, you should always smile!


Do You Need To Shape Your Smile?

Now that we know, smiling has several positive effects on you and your surroundings. However, if we’re not very confident about our appearance or looks as we smile, then chances are we won’t be showing it off frequently in parties or public.


According to doctors, people who smile less are typically unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. Even when they smile, they won’t show the teeth or cover it with their hands. They may be ashamed of their teeth’ yellowness or about its crookedness and thus demonstrate a tight lip grin.


Here’s where the rubber hits the road as people associate bad teeth with unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Therefore, we observe a rise in orthodontic procedures as more and more people are trying to achieve a perfect smile.

  • Poor dental hygiene increases social anxiety—beyond self-esteem, poor dental health can make you prone to gum diseases, tooth decay, and bad breath. Therefore, you will suffer while eating or talking, which in turn will increase your social anxiety.
  • Oral health deficiency is linked to a higher mortality rate—oral cancer, tooth decay, and periodontal diseases increase the risk of heart problems and risks leading to death.
  • Poor dental care affects self-confidence— yellow or stained teeth have negative effects on your mood, self-reliance, and esteem


All you need is to take care of our oral health. Regular brushing for 2 minutes twice a day and daily flossing is just the beginning— you should also visit your dental hygienist to remove tough stains and yellowness from your teeth. You can also invest in several other ways, such as:

  • Teeth whitening services
  • Cosmetic restoration
  • Teeth straightening and reshaping
  • Temporomandibular joint therapy


A bright smile is your biggest asset. If you’re embarrassed by your smile and not treating it, it’s unfair to yourself. Not only will you miss out on your happiness big time but will also fail at developing new, meaningful relations.