Flossing is an important part of an oral care regimen. However, we are fully away that some people may experience flossing pain. We also acknowledge that this means many people sometimes forego flossing altogether.


One of the reasons we’ve found why people choose not to floss is because flossing is uncomfortable and upsets sensitive gums. While flossing may not be the most exciting oral care practice, flossing should not cause discomfort. In fact, if you feel discomfort when flossing, you need to floss more.

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Why Do I Experience Flossing Pain, Doc?

Many patients claim that when they floss, their gums start to bleed. This bleeding also includes a slight discomfort. From a visual standpoint, it can make the process of flossing overall unappealing.


There can be two possible reasons for why your gums bleed during flossing. One of the most common issues is people flossing too hard.

Sensitive gums

Gums are sensitive tissues in your mouth. They are prone to cuts similar to your skin. When you floss, you must to it carefully. While you need a certain amount of firmness to remove plaque and food particles, this movement works better slowly opposed to harshly.


The other reason is a beginning sign of gingivitis. When bacteria reaches below the gum line, it will begin to infect the gums tissues. This leads to sensitivity and inflammation of the gums, which make the tissue susceptible to bleeding.

You can reverse gingivitis. While you should schedule a meeting with your dentists, brushing and flossing properly everyday can reduce pain from flossing. However, if gingivitis is left untreated, it can advance to periodontal disease.

If you suspect you have periodontal disease, see your dentist immediately, as this can be rather serious.

Benefits of Flossing Properly 

When following proper flossing techniques, it has multiple benefits. The benefits of flossing include:

  • Removes plaque in areas below gumline
  • Stimulate gum tissue
  • Prevents tartar build-up
  • Prevents gum disease
  • Aids in fresher breath
  • Eventually eliminates flossing pain altogether

If you need a resource for the right techniques, take a look at our guide for proper brushing and flossing. Follow the steps to a cleaner smile!

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