Sometimes, if we leave cavities unfilled for too long, the tooth decay can spread far into our teeth roots—at this point, you’ll need dental crowns to treat it. Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit tightly over your natural tooth to cover and protect it. Now, there is a new solution called CEREC crowns, or “same day crowns,” that are becoming the favorite of many dentists around the country. Learn why you should choose CEREC over traditional crowns.

The Difference between Traditional Crowns and CEREC Crowns

Traditional dental crowns work. There is no mistake about that. They repair damaged teeth and make them look and feel better, in addition to making them stronger for years to come. They are permanent solutions to a number of dental issues, with little to no risk or negative impacts.

CEREC crowns, however, take it a step further. With all the same benefits of standard dental crowns, CEREC gives you the added benefit of convenience.

Convenience of CEREC

Traditional dental crowns usually take two to three visits. In those visits, you have a consultation, tooth prep, temporary crown construction, and then permanent crown construction. Between your temporaries and your permanents, it can be up to three weeks to fit them and build them correctly.

With CEREC, you’ll be in and out in one visit.

When you come to Balle & Associates for your CEREC crowns, your dentist will make a digital impression of your teeth instead of just a manual impression. The CEREC 3D virtual scanner gets an accurate visual of your teeth—down to every last detail. It’s much more accurate than mouth tray impressions.

Strength of CEREC

In terms of durability, CEREC crowns are comparable to standard dental crowns. Even though CEREC crowns are made a lot quicker, it doesn’t mean that quality or strength is sacrificed.

CEREC uses ceramic to mold; this is crucial because ceramic is considered the strongest substance in creating dental crowns. Ceramic is perfect for matching your own teeth in terms of color and strength. It offers the highest quality and most lifelike tooth restoration.

Enhance Your Smile with Las Vegas CEREC

Balle & Associates is one of the few dentist offices in Las Vegas that does dental crowns the CEREC way. It’s fast, convenient, and just as strong as regular dental crowns. Call us to learn more about Las Vegas dental crowns today.