What do you do if you discover tiny white spots on your teeth? First of all, don’t be too alarmed, they are rarely of major concern. However, they are not exactly aesthetically pleasing, and there are a few things that you can do to help treat them.



When it comes to the exact cause of white spots forming on teeth, there can be several possibilities. One of the most common causes is dental fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis is most commonly acquired during childhood and is a result of consuming too much fluoride. The condition itself is harmless and it begins to develop as the teeth first begin erupting from the gums. 

The second most common cause for white spots is enamel hypoplasia. This cause is more genetic than environmental and is also formed during childhood. Enamel hypoplasia means that the tooth enamel does not form properly and white spots can occur as a result. 

Other causes for white spots can include general poor dental hygiene, eating or drinking too many acidic or sugary foods, lack of oral care while wearing braces.



1 – Topical fluoride

Topical fluoride is typically applied by a dentist and is very effective at helping people who suffer from enamel hypoplasia. The extra fluoride may help the tooth enamel to develop and will eventually lead to the prevention of future tooth decay.


2 – Dental veneer

A dental veneer is a small, protective casing that attaches to the front surface of a tooth. They can help to conceal any blemishes or spots on a tooth. 


3 – Teeth bleaching or whitening

General teeth bleaching or whitening can assist in the overall appearance of white spots. Household teeth whitening products are more common than ever and can be purchased over-the-counter.

Professional teeth whitening can also do the trick and is often more effective at removing white spots. At Balle & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best teeth whitening treatments in Las Vegas. 


4 – Enamel microabrasion

Microabrasion is the process of removing a tiny amount of enamel from the teeth to help reduce the look of white spots. This procedure is done by a dentist and is typically followed by professional teeth whitening which helps the teeth to appear more similar in color. 


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