As a kid, you probably heard about the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day for healthy and strong teeth and gums. Despite being common knowledge, most of us ignore the importance of regular brushing. Therefore, tooth decay is the second-leading infectious disease in the world, after common colds.

Nearly half of the US’ teenage population suffered from cavities and gum diseases as they take oral health for granted. However, it’s never too late to remedy your lifestyle and hygiene habits to maintain dental health.

Whilst brushing and flossing is a basic routine practice, several other methods can help protect your teeth as well. The following are five amazing tips to prevent toothaches and other oral problems, including cavities:

Use the Right Toothbrush at the Right Angle

No one can deny the significance of daily brushing and flossing as it removes tooth decaying bacteria. Fluoride-based toothpaste, with its plaque fighting power, improves oral hygiene, and mitigates the risk of cavities.

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal, especially before bedtime. Letting bacteria thrive on your teeth the entire night will build up acidic plaque, which damages the teeth enamel and exposes it to cavity-formation

For effective brushing, you need to follow the right technique to pull out the bacteria. Use a soft-bristled brush with gentle pressure to avoid gum injuries. Place your brush at 45 degrees against the gum for effective strokes.

Move the brush back and forth while cleaning all sides of the teeth: outer, inner, and chewing surfaces. To clean the insides of front teeth, use the tip of the brush. Never forget to clean your tongue as it’s a breeding ground of bacteria and the leading cause of bad breath.

Be Conscious of Your Diet and Eating Habits

Cut down on starchy and sugary food to mitigate bacteria formation. Do you need a cup of coffee or tea before you start the day? Think again! The acidic content combined with sugar and milk fat can increase the likelihood of damaged teeth.

Therefore, dentists highly recommend rinsing your mouth within 20 minutes of drinking these hot beverages.

Increase the Intake of Water

Water is good for your overall health and dental hygiene as it effectively distributes nutrients, gets rid of body waste and replenishes our skin and muscles. Moreover, it effectively rinses off bacteria and plaque from the teeth to promote oral hygiene. The added fluoride in water also prevents decay and mineralizes teeth. It also improves the saliva level in your mouth to naturally wash off harmful germs and bacteria.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a leading cause of several health complications, including tooth decay and gum infection. Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco not only stains your teeth but also damages your gums, increases the risk of cavities and mouth cancer.

Get Regular Checkups

You must have heard the old saying prevention is better than cure, and therefore, you should visit your dentist twice a year for regular checkups and professional assistance. A thorough examination will help your doctor identify the underlying health risks and threats to your dental hygiene. The timely intervention will minimize the chances of severe tooth damage and cavity formation.

Being a common oral health issue, get yourself checked at Balle & Associates General Dentistry. Book your appointment now!