7 Helpful Tips To Care For Your Smile At Home


Dental hygiene isn’t something occasional you only prepare for a few days ahead of your dentist appointment. And it’s not something that’s exclusive to a dentist’s chair, either. Dental care starts at the beginning of each morning and at the end of each night. And it should be taking place all throughout your day.


Caring for your smile begins at home. And while daily dental care isn’t anywhere as difficult as some people might imagine, there’s a little bit more to it than brushing and flossing. If you’re looking to keep your smile looking its best, here’s seven secrets that can help keep it in pristine condition.


1.   Practice Consistency, Not Frequency


There’s no such thing as making up for lost time with dental hygiene! If you’re only brushing and flossing your teeth four days out of the week or only after certain meals, it defeats the purpose of regular dental care. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day every single day will be far more effective than four times a day every other day.


2.   But How Frequently Are You Flossing?


Routine flossing frequently gets overlooked. Primarily because people underestimate how vital it really is. After all, it’s a fairly tedious process with seemingly little results. But that’s where you’re wrong. It not only cleanses between your teeth, it helps encourage healthy blood circulation in your gum line. But be careful. If you notice painful or sore gums regularly after flossing, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately!


3.   Watch What You’re Eating…


We probably don’t have to tell you that sugary foods and sodas are as bad for your teeth as they are for your overall health. But what foods are beneficial for your smile? Cheese, high fiber fruits such as apples and bananas, green vegetables, nuts and yogurt can all have an impact on keeping your teeth healthy and strong.


4.   …Especially Foods Which Stain Your Teeth


It shouldn’t surprise you that some foods which are bad for the body are bad for your teeth—and candy, coffee, soy sauce, sports drinks and sugar are among the primary culprits. But did you also know that healthier alternatives can be just as bad for your smile?  Berries, tomatoes and even tea can both discolor your enamel and eat away at your teeth. For maximum shine, try to minimize your consumption and look for healthier alternatives that help polish and clean your teeth.


5.   Kick That Nicotine Habit!


We know how hard it is to quit. But if the threat of lung cancer hasn’t gotten you yet, think of the cosmetic impact. Bad breath. A discolored smile. And a greater susceptibility to gum disease, including gingivitis and tooth loss. Treat both your body and your mouth like you only have one. Stop smoking.


6.   Apple Cider Vinegar—A Secret Weapon?


We know it sounds crazy. But it works! Conventional store bought mouthwashes frequently have no small numbers of chemicals and additives. They might leave your mouth feeling refreshed, but can sometimes prove to be ineffective in cleaning your teeth. Not so with apple cider vinegar. Just make certain you mix at least ⅔ of a cup of water to every ⅓ vinegar to dilute it properly.


7.   See Your Dentist For Regular Check Ups


That means once a quarter. Many Nevadans don’t even bother with seeing their dentist twice a year. And the result can be positively detrimental to their teeth. Don’t put off regular check ups out of fear. The fact is, dentistry as well as hygiene is more advanced, gentler and pain-free in 2020 than you might remember. In fact, it can be so gentle you just might forget why you were even afraid of dentists in the first place.


Not certain which foods might be damaging to your teeth? Need more tips on how to manage your smile at home? Call us today at (702) 710-9252 or visit Balle & Associates.