One Step Hybrids allow you to get your smile back in just one day. If you are missing most or all of your teeth, then hybrid implant dentures are the solution for you. One Step Hybrids are an innovative solution for replacing full rows of teeth and it is surprisingly affordable. They are designed to also replace missing gum tissue.

These hybrids help replace upper and lower dentures, single or multiple missing teeth, upper and lower partial dentures, and same-day treatment after tooth extraction. The One Step Hybrid procedure uses the latest advancements in dental implant planning, including: computer-based implant surgery, computer-designed and manufactured surgical guides, simulated implant surgery computer software, and iTero Element 3D scanner.

Balle and Associates are among a small handful of American dentists who have taken these advancements in medical technology. With this technology, they can visualize the future locations for your implants. This allows your dentist to make important decisions about how to best handle your care.

Dental implants can be a very expensive surgery that usually cost thousands of dollars. One Step Hybrids only uses four implants, which allows the dentist to charge less compared to the traditional implants.

One Step Hybrids are also low maintenance compared to traditional dentures because you don’t have to remove them at night or add any adhesive solution. The One Step Hybrids can only be removed by a dentist, who will clean them at regular visits. It saves clients time and money in the long run. These hybrid implants are very comfortable and allow you to do your everyday normal tasks. You will never have to worry about them falling out and slipping while you are talking or eating.

If you have been concerned about the cost of implants or are tired of dealing with traditional dentures, then call our office to setup a consultation with one of our highly trained dentists at (702) 825-2973.