Here at Balle & Associates, we care about your smile. When you have missing teeth, it can be detrimental to your daily oral activities like eating or speaking but can cause other oral issues. It is very important to correct the issue of missing teeth. Bridges may be the perfect option for you to fill in the spaces of missing teeth due to tooth loss.

What are bridges?

Bridges are used in cosmetic dental practice to fill in gaps left by missing teeth. It is an aesthetic tooth replacement procedure performed, often in several visits, to fill in those gaps and give you back your winning smile.


The procedure involves custom fabrication of a series of crowns that are fused together to fill in the spaces left by missing teeth. Dr. Balle or Dr. Nguyen here at Las Vegas General & Cosmetic Dentistry will meet with you on a series of (usually) three visits to complete your procedure.


A permanent bridge solution will help to:

  • Fill in holes left by the individual or multiple missing teeth.
  • Fill in your cheeks where missing teeth can give your cheeks a concave look.
  • Improve the aesthetics of your smile.
  • Make it easier to talk and eat.
  • Readjust your bite to properly distribute force when you chew and provide more support for your other teeth.
  • Prevents your other teeth from shifting out of the correct position (one reason it is so important to correct the issue of missing teeth.)


You may be a good candidate for bridge procedures. Our highly trained dental professionals can evaluate the condition of your existing teeth, your gums, and the spaces of missing teeth to see if this is the best procedure to serve your dental needs.


If you have multiple missing teeth in the same area or on the same arch, you may need to have partial dentures as an alternative option.


What can you expect with this procedure?

During your first visit, either Dr. Balle or Dr. Nguyen will evaluate, prepare the teeth that will serve as the abutments for the crowns, and remove some of the enamel from these teeth to make room for the attachment of your crowns. After reshaping the tooth (teeth), an impression of your teeth will be taken so that the custom bridge can be designed to fit perfectly with your other teeth. A custom temporary bridge will be provided for you to wear between visits while your bridges are being prepared for you.


On the second visit, a thorough examination is performed on the surrounding gums. It is imperative to put your custom bridges into a healthy environment with healthy gums. If everything is ok to proceed, your third and final visit for the procedure will be arranged.


On the third visit, your custom bridges will be tried on and fused into place for a permanent solution for your missing teeth.


Call our office to set up a consultation with Dr. Balle or Dr. Nguyen at (702) 825-2973. We look forward to serving all your general and cosmetic dental needs.