Let’s face it, a trip to the dentist is certainly not at the top of your “fun things to do” list. Sometimes, we feel like we are drowning in water, experience tooth sensitivity, pain, or even a terrible gag reflex that makes going to the dentist difficult. We know how important it is to take care of our teeth and receive the proper care needed to maintain that photo-ready smile. At Balle and Associates, we understand the fears that some of our patients may have and provide relaxation techniques to help. Our doctors are trained in relaxation dentistry with three different options that allow our patients to be comfortable during their visit. The three different relaxation techniques are:


1 – Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is also known as “laughing gas” is one of the most common forms of relaxation dentistry. Within five minutes of inhaling this odorless gas, patients begin to feel a euphoric sensation throughout their bodies. Nitrous gas allows our patients to become relaxed for our staff to do their job properly. After the dentist is finished, the gas is turned off and the patient feels normal within a few minutes.  


2 – Local Anesthetic

Local Anesthetic is the numbing of the gums to prevent patients from feeling any discomfort or pain. The trained staff injects the medicine in the inner cheek or gum tissue depending on what work is needed in the patient’s mouth. This technique usually wears off after a few hours, naturally bringing the sensation back in your mouth. 


3 – Oral Relaxation

Oral Relaxation is the last technique the dentist can use to help make your visit to the office a more comfortable one. The dentist can give the patients an oral medication that helps relieve their anxiety they might be feeling when at the office. This is a great option for those that feel uncomfortable with needles or tubes over the nose. Our highly capable staff will keep track of your vitals to ensure the procedure runs smoothly. 


Don’t hold yourself back from taking care of your teeth because of your fear or discomfort with going to the dentist. With over 20 years of experience, our dentists are trained to give proper care to our patients while helping them feel relaxed. At Balle and Associates, we can ensure that your next visit to our office will change how you view going to the dentist. Let us help you feel more relaxed and call our office for an appointment at (702) 919-7515.