As much as you would like to keep your teeth white all the time, you can’t avoid food. After all, we need it to survive. But, most of us are aware of the foods that can stain your teeth including coffee, tea, curry, and dark berries. But, did you know that you are probably eating foods right now that are actually helping you whiten your teeth? Here are five foods that are helping you achieve that bright smile without any effort.



Pineapple has a natural ingredient, found in some toothpastes, that helps fight surface stains and plaque. Even eating just one piece of pineapple can provide you with those benefits.



Found in strawberries is an enzyme called malic acid. Malic acid can act as a natural component that helps with tooth discoloration.



It takes a lot to chew this vegetable, which turns out to be a good thing in this case. More chewing means more saliva, and saliva is a natural cleanser.



You may have heard to drink milk for strong bones, but for a whiter smile? Cheese is the answer! Cheese contains lactic acid and the enamel fortifying mineral calcium, witch not only strengthens teeth but whitens them too.



Although water by itself may not whiten your teeth, it will help keep your mouth clean after eating pigment-rich foods and drinks. Even taking a sip and swishing water around in your mouth will help fight those stubborn stains.


If all else fails

If you are a picky eater and don’t like any of the above-mentioned foods, you can try brushing your teeth with some baking soda instead. It is important to remember not to be aggressive with brushing and do not let the baking soda sit on your teeth for more than two minutes each time you use it.


Keep in mind that we do offer in-office teeth whitening as well as at-home treatments. Your smile is important to us, let us know how we can help further your knowledge in cosmetic dentistry. Contact us for an appointment!