When it comes to your tooth health, what you eat can be as important as your dental regimen. This doesn’t mean you should stop brushing your teeth or stop seeing your dentist. What it does mean is that your diet has an impact on the condition of your teeth.

In general, you should be looking for foods that are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C. These are the bare minimum for good oral health. But what, specifically should you eat?

Here are five foods that will boost your oral health and keep your smile bright!

1.   Apples

In most cases, sweet foods are your enemy. But there are certain fruits that are excellent for your teeth. These include foods that are rich in water and fiber. Not only do they scrub your teeth, but they stimulate saliva production, which gets your teeth even cleaner.

As with any other sweets, it’s best to enjoy apples at the end of your meal. This will give you the maximum benefit from their scrubbing action.

2.   Carrots

Carrots are like apples, in that they’re both crunchy and fibrous. If you want to change things up, switch out your end-of-meal apples for some carrots. They’re also delicious on salads, or even with a dip. This applies only to raw carrots, though. When carrots are cooked, they lose a lot of your oral benefits.

Even then, though, they’re an excellent source of vitamin A. So chow down on any kind of carrots you like, and you’ll still be boosting your overall health.

3.   Leafy Greens

Whether you want good oral health or just good health in general, leafy greens are an essential ingredient. They’re some of the more vitamin-rich vegetables out there. At the same time, they have some of the fewest calories. Many are rich in calcium, and most are rich in B-vitamins.

Your best choices are spinach and kale, which are rich in both of these nutrients. But there’s no need to be boring. Toss in some Romaine lettuce, or even dandelion greens and make a multi-green salad. You can even throw some of those carrots on top to round things out.

4.   Almonds

Almonds provide a large quantity of calcium, which is the most important single nutrient for tooth health. They’re also more protein-rich than most nuts, which is good for your jaw muscles.

We should point out that this is only true for whole almonds. Almond milk contains a lot of sugars, which are not good for your teeth. This also means you should avoid heavily sugared canned nuts.

5.   Cheese

As if you needed another reason to eat cheese, it’s very healthy for your teeth. Because it has a high pH, it cancels out the acidic environment created by bad oral bacteria. Cheese is also rich in calcium and healthy proteins.


As you can see, what you eat can have a huge effect on your pearly whites, but even the best diet can’t fix everything. If your teeth are misaligned, for instance, cosmetic dentistry can be the only solution. Consider setting a meeting with a cosmetic dentist, such as Balle & Associates, who provide general and cosmetic services to the entire Las Vegas area.