At our Las Vegas dental office, we hear hundreds of patients gabbing about what they’re getting for Christmas. Some say new clothes. Some say a new bike. Others say makeup and a video game. Some even say a new set of pearly whites. We enjoy seeing our patients getting into the spirit. So we like to offer our Christmas gift ideas. Instead of clothes, diamonds, or a video game this year, ask Santa for the best present of all: a toothbrush for a gift.

Why You Should Give an Electric Toothbrush for a Gift

Don’t get our Las Vegas dental office wrong. Any new toothbrush is an excellent gift to give a person. It doesn’t have to be expensive toothbrushes, either. But the electric toothbrush, one of the best toothbrushes on the market, can do more in assisting in excellent oral care in Las Vegas.

Maintain excellent oral hygiene

Not many people realize how good oral health is a gift. Straight, shiny white teeth exude confidence, health, and beauty. Not only do the appearance and health of your smile make you feel better, it makes other people happier, too.

Achieving and maintaining this gift challenges some people. Soon, their once beautiful smile is plagued with plaque and cavities. The most common reason being bad dental habits and routines.

With an electric toothbrush, maintaining your oral health becomes easier. Electric toothbrushes can remove more plaque, stimulate the gums and remove bacteria from those hard to reach places. Using an electric toothbrush is also less fatiguing than a manual toothbrush. This makes brushing more enjoyable.

Prevent oral health complications

Most oral health complications are preventable. Root canals, gum disease, cavities— a person can avoid all of them with proper cleaning.

If properly used, an electric toothbrush removes more plaque and bacteria than a regular manual toothbrush. This increases the longevity and effectiveness of your dental care routine. Followed by regular flossing and mouthwash, your smile will grow stronger and healthier.

Make your loved one smile

When you give someone a gift that involves their health, the gift’s impact runs deeper. It means you took some time out of your day, thought deeply about the person, and wanted to help them. Why? Because you care about them.

Unlike a bike, a piece of jewelry, or a video game, a toothbrush is something your loved one will use every day. We recommend twice a day, actually. The toothbrush is what prevents all those unfortunate dental issues. The toothbrush maintains the tooth’s enamel. The toothbrush helps freshen our breath, and so on.

Don’t skimp on something this important. Get them the best electric toothbrush on the market. The person you’re giving this gift to deserves it.     

Give the Gift of Cosmetic Dentistry in Las Vegas

Another gift you can give yourself this holiday is a trip to the dentist. At our Las Vegas dental care office, we provide a multitude of services. Whether from preventative or cosmetic dentistry, we can help.

Schedule an appointment with Balle and Associates and leave with a smile.