It’s something you are told all the time by your dentist: get into the brushing habit and brush twice a day, or your teeth will begin to rot.

Yet, for whatever reason, you just can’t get over the 20-day mark to create a healthy brushing habit. If only creating oral care habits were easy. But that’s why we’re here: We want to help! Here’s your short guide to creating a consistent brushing habit.

How to Create a Consistent Brushing Habit

Set up a system

If a time management issue keeps you from a healthy smile, set up a schedule. Set up a reminder on your phone. Add to your to-do list to brush your teeth. Scratch two X’s on a calendar reserved only for your brushing. This way, developing a brushing habit will be easier and you can create a feeling of accountability and accomplishment.

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Brush along with someone else

Starting at a mirror and watching a tedious grooming process, all while you’re alone can be quite alienating—especially if you’re alone in a small room. It can also be quite boring. Make brushing your teeth a social activity. Start and end the day off with someone you love, bonding over your other love: healthy gums. Be a dental warrior with your significant other or a family member, and fight gum disease together.  

Brush in the shower

Multitasking can be a virtue. If you have a New York minute to get ready in the morning or night, kill two birds with one stone. While you’re waiting three minutes to let the conditioner set, use that time to brush your teeth.

Think of the reward 

Now picture it: you with healthy gums, not having to worry about the time spent at the dentist. Of course, you should always visit your dentist. But at least this time it will be under proper circumstances: a good teeth cleaning, which is step two in assuring you have a clean, healthy smile. That habit of brushing can save your mouth.

The Dentist Habit

Remember: always follow techniques for proper brushing and flossing and schedule regular appointments with Balle & Associates.