By now, you know not to skip out on your daily flossing. Tooth floss gets between the teeth where toothbrushes and rinses cannot. But what if there’s another great way to floss alongside using the typical stringy floss everyone is used to? As it turns out, flossing with water is proven to remove far more plaque than just regular floss. That’s just one reason to invest in a water flosser.


The Best Reasons to Get a Water Flosser

1. It’s safe for implants and braces

If you’re worried about the high-pressure water blasting away your dental implants, don’t worry. The key to making those dental implants last is taking good care of them. That means using proper brushing and flossing technique.

Using a water flosser is just like using floss, except that it is more thorough. You don’t have to worry about damaging your teeth, nor do you have to worry about the water flosser not cleaning them well enough. Flossing with braces can also be very tricky at times. Using a water flosser eliminates the stress and time you may experience with traditional flossing.

2. It’s like a high-pressure cleaner for your mouth

Floss generally only rids your mouth of 60% of plaque, whereas water flossers have been proven to remove 99.9% of plaque, which is significantly more than toothbrushes and floss combined.

3. It’s painless and easy to use

Despite being a high-pressure scrubber for your mouth, it’s surprisingly gentle and completely painless. Flossing, if not performed consistently, can cause bleeding. A water flosser rids the in-betweens of your teeth of plaque without irritating or impacting your gums. All you have to do is point the water flosser between your teeth and spray. In no time at all, the plaque is gone.

4. It helps with infection, inflammation and other issues

If your gums are swollen or bleeding, the water flosser can reduce irritation and gingivitis. Even if you’re at a heightened risk of infection, a water flosser works the same at reducing the risk by more than 40%.

Get the Best Cleaning with Balle and Associates

At Balle and Associates, we believe using a Waterpik or even a shower flosser are some of the best ways to floss, as well as using the traditional flossing method. This ensures you’re getting the most out of your oral hygiene routine, but even that isn’t enough to keep you away from the dentist. Schedule your dental cleaning about every six months.