Your poor tongue. It may not be the most attractive part of your mouth, and it may not be the focus of cosmetic procedures, but the tongue is critical. A healthy tongue helps you enjoy the foods you love. It’s one of the mouth’s major defense mechanisms against plaque and bacteria. It helps you articulate your words. It’s also very important for kissing in the French persuasion! You have to keep it clean and happy, so here are four ways to keep a healthy tongue.

4 Ways to Keep a Healthy Tongue

Watch the color

Your tongue’s color can reveal the state of your oral health. The healthy tongue color is bright pink and smooth. There should not be any fissures, wrinkles, or legions. If your tongue is black, red, or has patches of white, see a dentist immediately. You could be at risk for certain tongue problems, like a bacterial infection or symptoms of something more serve.

Drink more water and avoid acidic drinks

A dry tongue is an unhappy tongue. Without the help of saliva, the tongue would become dry and cracked, allowing more bacteria into a patient’s system. The tongue would also be unable to taste food, making all those delicious chicken parmesan dinners bland and gross. By drinking more water, you can keep your saliva glands healthy and saliva production regular. Drinking acidic drinks can contribute to more bacteria production and dry mouth.

Scrape your tongue regularly

Scraping your tongue once in awhile can cut back on the bad breath and acid producing bacteria in the oral cavity. Tongue scraping has also been shown to reduce the effects of halitosis.

Get regular dental check-ups

During regular dental check-ups, a dentist may ask you to stick out your tongue for inspection. The reason they’re doing this is not to see what you ate last night. No, what they’re actually looking for is abnormalities patients may not notice. Abnormalities include looking for sores, discoloration, or the onset of thrush or cancer. If your dentist doesn’t ask you to stick out your tongue, don’t worry. Most dentists perform the inspection while cleaning your teeth.

Why It’s Okay to Stick Your Tongue Out at Us

At Balle and Associates, we want to see your healthy tongue color and your smile. If you have any oral health concerns, schedule an appointment today. We’ll happily ask you to stick your tongue out.