Happy New Year, Balle and Associate patients! What a wonderful year it’s been performing dental care in Las Vegas. It’s simply been a joy and we thank you. We can’t for another year full of smiles. For 2017, we want to make sure all our patients start on a path to healthier teeth. We want to impart this helpful guide. Here are four ways to achieve a healthier smile for the new year.

4 Ways to Achieve Healthier Teeth in 2017

Practice the proper brushing and flossing technique

What can sometimes frustrate our patients is that they brush and floss regularly, but a Las Vegas dentists can still find problems during their check up. It can be demotivating. Next thing you know, patients may start skipping their brushing here and there.

More often than not, improper brushing and flossing is one of the leading causes of dental issues. Ask yourself: are you really doing everything you can to maintain your health? If not, we can improve your brushing and flossing technique.

Eat a healthier diet

If improper brushing and flossing is one leading cause for bad dental health, what we eat and drink is the other. Highly acidic foods and drinks attack tooth enamel, which leads to tooth decay. Food high in sugar feeds plaque creating bacteria. Plaque leads to tartar and eventual gum disease, if left untreated.

Do yourself a favor this year. Cut the junk out. You and your teeth don’t need it. Read more here about the benefits of healthy eating.

Visit the dentist more

If you ask yourself, “How often should I see a dentist?” You probably need to see the dentist more. Seeing the dentist, for some reason, has become a frightening chore. Our Las Vegas dental office wants to challenge this notion.

Going to the dentist should be a delight. You’re caring for yourself, and you have trained professionals who look out for your teeth and keep your comfort a priority. It’s rare to have that type of insurance. You’re doing yourself and your oral health a favor, whether you see the dentist for preventative dentistry in Las Vegas or an implant.

Spoil yourself

Don’t make brushing your teeth boring. Make a pampering moment. Think about it. You’re going to your bathroom, a quiet place where you can focus on you. Not only are you focusing on you, but you’re improving how you look and care about yourself.

Make sure it is completely enjoyable when you do this. Here are some ways to make oral care more enjoyable:

  • Buy an electric toothbrush
  • Play music in the background
  • Brush with someone else
  • Buy a Waterpik to floss
  • Have your own special toothpaste

Whatever it is you do, make it enjoyable, not dull.

Our Dentist Office in Las Vegas is Open

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