Oral health is important for everyone from kids to adults. Many diseases can originally in the mouth if oral health is not taken care of. A back to school visit to the dentist is a great time to teach your child about oral health and also make sure that his teeth and mouth are clean and healthy.

While you might think routine brushing of your child’s teeth is enough to prevent tooth problems, kids and adults of all ages should regularly see the dentist. At minimum, the dentist will clean the teeth, which will provide a professional deep cleaning that can help prevent future teeth problems.

There are a few things you can expect at a dentist visit for your child before he goes back to school, and we break them down for you here.

Teeth Cleaning

At the very minimum, your child will receive teeth cleaning. No matter how well you clean your child’s teeth or how well he brushes them, it is imperative to get a dental cleaning once or twice a year. A professional cleaning will help get rid of bacteria and hopefully prevent cavities.

Kids notoriously eat a lot of candy and sugar, which can negatively affect the teeth. And, while you might have a watchful eye on your kid’s dental habits when he is home with you, if he goes to summer camp or a friend’s house, there’s a chance he might be skipping on brushing his teeth. A professional deep clean will remedy all of that.

Overall Oral Health

During the cleaning and exam, a dentist will be able to tell you about the overall health of your child’s mouth. Are his gums healthy? Are cavities developing? Are there any problems that are unseen to the untrained eye? A dentist is the only qualified person to evaluate your child’s overall oral health, and this is an important part of your kid’s health and well-being.


If needed, your child will have x-rays. Sometimes x-rays can be necessary to monitor how teeth are developing. Are there wisdom teeth coming in? Is anything coming in that will be impacted and possibly need to be removed? Are the teeth developing crooked, which might mean braces down the road? X-rays can help answer all of those questions, and your child should periodically have his mouth x-rayed.

Mouthguard inspection

At a back to school dentist appointment, your dentist can check your kid’s mouthguard. If your child plays sports, he probably wears a rubber mouth guard to keep his teeth safe. Your dentist can check to make sure it fits right and does not have any cracks that would prevent it from working effectively.

Cavity Prevention

In addition to standard teeth cleaning, you can talk to your dentist about sealants. Sealants are sometimes used on molars to prevent cavities. Discuss with the dentist if your child should have sealants, as they work to keep bacteria and foods out of the teeth, which could possibly prevent cavities from ever forming on your child’s teeth.