When you smile in the mirror, do you see more gum than teeth? Are you unhappy about having small looking teeth or teeth that aren’t completely exposed? If you have these concerns, don’t worry. At out Las Vegas Dental office, we have periodontal plastic surgery available.

What is Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

Also known as gum reduction surgery, periodontal plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance the appearance and health of the gumline and smile. If you suffer from the anxiety of having a “gummy” smile or if your teeth are not completely exposed, a periodontal surgeon can correct it. During the procedure, you will be put under local anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

This typically hour-long operation is also called a gum lift. During the procedure, your periodontal surgeon will remove excess gum and bone tissue to reveal the natural tooth beneath. The Las Vegas periodontist then reshapes the remaining gums to present an attractive, wider smile.

Esthetic crown lengthening is also an excellent option for people who have teeth that haven’t exposed completely. Partially exposed teeth can gather bacteria, potentially causing infection. Gum removal can help with effectively cleaning the tooth.

Functional Crown Lengthening

Sometimes if a tooth has decayed, the Las Vegas dental expert will perform a restorative procedure. The gum line is lowered, and the bone structure is restored to hold a dental implant. Visit our website to learn more information on periodontal plastic surgery.

Visit Our Periodontal Surgeon in Las Vegas

If you want to achieve the smile you always deserve, come to our Las Vegas dental office. Whether you need a functional crown lengthening or removal of gum tissue, your procedure will be quick and easy. You’ll see dramatic results.

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