Available 24/7 in every bathroom. Available for purchase in literally every grocery store.

The toothbrush. The most important item in the battle against plaque and bacteria and keeping your teeth pearly white.

Today, our Las Vegas dental office goes back in time in this edition of dental trivia.

The History of the Toothbrush

The creation of the toothbrush has a long history. Ancient civilizations used sticks with frayed ends.

As the user chewed on the stick, the frayed ends would brush against the tooth surface and remove plaque.

This was the standard of dental hygiene for a long time, until ancient Chinese invested the bristle toothbrush. This bristle toothbrush is similar in design to modern toothbrushes, but the brush’s materials were the thick hairs from the boar.   

The Modern Day Toothbrush

It wasn’t until scientific studies and a general concern for oral health that the modern day toothbrush developed. The first modern toothbrush released in 1938 when nylon bristles replaced the thicker and harsher bristles of old.

Through marketing and scientific advancements, the design of the toothbrush has become more sophisticated and ergonomic. There are now toothbrushes for all sorts of individuals. Whether you have sensitive teeth or gums, or you prefer manual and electric, you can find something to rid the plaque in your life.

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