At Balle & Associates, we specialize in treating children and toddlers and we want them to have healthy smiles. How do you know if your child needs to see a pediatric dentist? We have identified four common problems to help you know when to take action with your child.


1. Swollen Gums & White Spots

Gums that are bleeding or swollen are typically a red flag that your child could have gum disease. An excess of plaque can lead to swollen gums that will bleed if touched. 

If your child has any of these signs an appointment with a dentist should be scheduled as soon as possible. If not treated quickly, diseased gums could lead to a premature loss of teeth.


2. Toothache

A general toothache can mean many different things. In the case of an infant or a child, tooth decay is primarily caused by a baby bottle. Sugars from fruit, milk, and baby food can cause bacteria to be formed in the mouth causing toothaches in young children.


3. Clicking Jaw

A clicking or “popping” jaw is usually noticed when a child chews his or her food. A clicking jaw is usually an indication of jaw misalignment which means your child might need braces to help as a form of jaw correction.


4. Tooth Sensitivity

If your child is experiencing tooth sensitivity, they most likely have a tooth cavity. The longer your child goes without having their cavity filled, the longer the symptoms of that cavity will occur. Symptoms also tend to worsen as the cavity enlarges.


It’s important to see a dentist when your child is experiencing these symptoms and if they’re not, we highly recommend seeing us at least twice a year to ensure we catch these problems as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your child’s symptoms worsen, contact our office to schedule an appointment today! 702-727-3299