It doesn’t take a doctor to realize that becoming a Las Vegas dentist takes a long time. How many years does it take to become a dentist, you ask? If you go the traditional route, it can take anywhere from eight years to a decade. It takes longer if you specialize in a sub-category in dentistry. For this week’s article, we decided to make a fun list. Here are three things you could do before a student completes his dentist education.

3 Activities that Take Less Time than Becoming a Dentist

Make a trip to Mars

According to NASA, a trip to Mars would take almost two and half years to complete. A Las Vegas dentist hasn’t even started medical school in that time span. If you were to somehow get on the rocketship heading to Mars, you could complete a total of five trips before a specialized dentist graduates.

While that’s amazing and all, our Las Vegas dental office shutters to think about people who haven’t seen a dentist in almost two and half years. Hopefully, the upcoming trip to Mars has a dentist on board, or at least fluoride toothpaste. For all you astronauts concerned with your oral care, please read this.

Construct the Burj Khalifa

Did you know the Burj Khalifa took six years to construct? That’s two years less than it takes for a Las Vegas dentist to even start performing procedures on live patients. Of course, you would need to have a massive construction team handy to do so. Otherwise, it would probably take a little bit longer by yourself.

We would also imagine that people working in construction have dental issues. We’re not saying those who work in construction don’t brush their teeth or floss. What we mean is with all the debris and falling parts, someone could lose a tooth or more. If that’s the case, we have a page just for them.

Getting in and out of the DMV

Ah, yes, the DMV. The DMV is our biggest rival in the “Places People Want to Avoid” category. Most people who lump the dentist with something unpleasant like the DMV haven’t visited our Las Vegas dental office. But it does seem that a person can be in the DMV for years, almost a decade.

If you think about it that way, becoming a Las Vegas dentist doesn’t seem that bad. In fact, learning to become a dentist can be a rich and rewarding experience. Yes, it does take a long time, but by becoming a dentist, you can improve the health and happiness of hundreds of people for their lifetime. That’s well worth eight years.

You Don’t Need 8 Years to Schedule an Appointment

Instead of asking how to become a dentist, ask when can I see the Las Vegas dentist next! At our Las Vegas dental office, you don’t need to schedule a near-decade in advance to see our dental specialists. We offer dental services ranging from preventative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment today before your next trip to Mars.