Dental care is very important. The most important thing about it, keep in mind, is how strong your teeth are. You can do many things to improve the strength of your teeth, from watching what you chomp on to self maintenance. Check out this list of things you can do to improve the overall strength of your pretty pearly whites.


How to Get Stronger Teeth

1. Fluoride products

Using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash is like adding a protective shield to your tooth enamel. On top of protecting your teeth, fluoride also aids in repairing and strengthening your enamel each time you use it. So get brushing!

2. Avoid certain foods

It’s perfectly okay to enjoy a piece of candy from time to time, but over consumption of sugary or acidic substances can have harsh long term effects on the strength of your enamel. Things like candy, soda and energy drinks, or even fruit juice contain high amounts of teeth-weakening sugar and acids.

To maintain proper dental care, eat calcium-enriched foods like dairy, because they work to strengthen your teeth and bones. It’s a good idea to have a good balance of calcium in your diet if you enjoy eating or drinking sugary things.

3. Don’t grind your teeth

It can be hard for a lot of people to quit this nasty habit also known as bruxism. But, it’s important to stop this habit if you want to get stronger teeth. For many, it’s an involuntary neurological condition that requires professional treatments. Grinding or clenching your teeth can break down tooth enamel a little bit at a time and eventually lead to jagged, chipped, and weakened teeth.

Often, people will grind their teeth, so if you wake up in the morning feeling tense and your teeth aren’t as strong as they should be, there are treatment options, including:

  • Nightly Mouth Guards
  • Botox
  • Relaxation Treatment

Make an appointment with your dentist to help resolve the issue, but keep in mind that grinding your teeth could be a sign of something more severe like sleep apnea, in which case you should discuss options with your healthcare provider. Learn more about bruxism here.

Your Dentist Can Help

Possibly the most important thing on the list is scheduling regular dentist visits. Your local dentist will ensure that your teeth are as healthy and strong as they possibly can be, so it’s critical to visit your dentist at least every six months.
Your dental health is vital to your overall health. Schedule an appointment with Balle & Associates today.