Dental technology sure has come a long way. We have dental tools that, a hundred years ago, we never could have dreamt of. A good example of inventive modern dental technology is an AI-controlled toothbrush. Yes, you can actually utilize this smart technology in your very own home while cleaning your teeth.

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Artificial Intelligence and Modern Dental Technology

After being crowdfunded back in 2014, the AI-controlled toothbrush launched from the company Kolibree. This toothbrush comes with 3D motion sensors, a gyroscope, accelerometers, and a magnetometer. All that technology basically means that it’s Bluetooth-enabled and knows exactly the areas of your mouth you need to brush.

In addition to this toothbrush, there’s an app that comes along with it. This app will help you keep track of your progress while you brush every morning. The goal of the toothbrush, called the Ara, is to gather personalized data so that you can better construct a brushing routine that suits your needs.

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Why is this necessary?

Many people aren’t brushing and flossing properly. That’s a sad truth. They may be brushing and flossing every day, but the way they are doing it just isn’t cutting it. That’s why technology like this is very useful.

The future of dental technology is aimed at bettering our understanding of our own teeth so that clean smile comes with greater ease. This won’t replace your regime though. By that, we mean it shouldn’t get in the way of your flossing, rinsing, and just eating right. But most importantly of all…

It’s Important to Visit Your Dentist

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