We’re willing to bet that there’s at least one person in the greater Las Vegas area who has never been to the dentist (OK, perhaps 3 or 4.) We don’t just mean regular check-ups. And we don’t just mean periodic cleanings. We mean people whose adult lives have been spent physically avoiding dental care.


And there’s not always a bad reason—but there’s rarely a good one. Some of the most common misconceptions we’ve heard are that visiting a dentist is expensive. Or that dental visits are painful.  Or even that they’re unnecessary.


But dental care has come a long way since the image of painful root canals. Dental care has become much less invasive. More affordable. And yes… absolutely necessary to both your appearance and your overall health.


If you’re an adult who has never been to the dentist, here are a few things you should know.


Oral Problems Don’t Just Affect Your Mouth


It’s natural to assume that most regular dental visits will consist of a cleaning. Plaque build-up, tartar, and gingivitis are just some of the most common oral-specific conditions you’re likely aware of. But underlying these conditions, there’s a much more aggressive problem you may not know of that stems from oral disease: bacteria.


Bacteria resulting from oral disease have been definitively linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bacterial pneumonia, kidney failure, and sometimes even cancer. And if left unchecked, bacterial residue from periodontitis and other oral diseases can spread quickly without your awareness. We’re not saying this to frighten you. We’re saying this to stress oral health’s relation to general health and help you look at dental care from an entirely new perspective.


Today’s Dental Visits Are Not Your Grandma’s Dental Visits


Most of us probably grew up with an irrational fear of dentists, believe it or not, so did we, But today’s dentistry has grown much more sophisticated over the past twenty years. It’s no longer strange and painful-looking mental contraptions. Lasers, dyes, implants,  fillings, whitening and effective medications are just part of the non-invasive spectrum of advanced dental care that can help you look, feel, and smile at your very best.


Looks Aren’t the Most Important Thing—It’s Your Confidence


Like it or not, people do judge one another by their looks. But while they may not particularly care about your weight, hairstyle, or age, they will judge you by something more subtle: your smile.


It’s not that people are shallow. But as any successful actor or actress will tell you, an award-winning smile can charm an entire room. And if you’re embarrassed by your smile, chances are your confidence will be affected as well. With painless and cost-effective dentistry n 2020, you no longer have to worry about cracked or yellowing teeth. You don’t have to face wrinkles. And more importantly, you no longer have to be embarrassed about your smile.


Gain back the confidence you deserve. Visit your dentist regularly. If not for your looks, do it for your health. You owe the rest of the world that much.



If you’ve been scared to visit the dentist, we can help you face your fears in a relaxed and trusted setting. Visit us today at Balle & Associates or call (702) 877-6608.