The old saying, “You have to see it to believe it,” still rings true in our Las Vegas dental office. When we perform regular dental cleanings, our patients say they didn’t know they had all that tartar build up or gingivitis. If they knew what it looked like, they would have built a more proactive approach in their dental care. With the advent of the intra-oral camera, dentists can now help their patients see what they see.

Intraoral Camera Reduces the Mysteries in Your Mouth

In the past, dentists in Las Vegas had to rely on X-rays and a collection of mirrors to see every part of a patient’s teeth. This ancient system is not without its flaws. Even the most seasoned dentist can miss a tiny bit of tartar. Sometimes, an X-ray doesn’t reveal the entire picture of the patient’s tooth, or other times, the patient sees nothing wrong at all.

Then came along the Intraoral camera…

Now, with the creation of the intraoral camera, these issues are a thing of the past. Patients can see exactly what keeps our dental hygienists and dentists in Las Vegas up at night. They can finally see the red irritation of gingivitis and the lurking danger of a cavity.

The intraoral camera is a simple device. It is a pen-shaped device fitted with a macro lens camera and a light. When held in proximity of the tooth, the intraoral camera will project an image on the screen for the patient and dentist to see. Be forewarned. While it can show a brilliantly white, straight smile in all its glory, it will show tooth decay, cavities, tartar and gingivitis in its glory, too.

There are two points to intraoral cameras. The first allows the dentists in Las Vegas to gather an accurate picture in hard-to-see regions of the mouth. The second is that it helps patients understand the effects of their oral care routine. Some patients claim they don’t understand the point of invasive procedures when they see nothing visually wrong. The camera helps them see that looks can be deceiving. Hopefully, when presented with the reality dentists see, patients can ramp up to their oral care in Las Vegas.

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