We all know that dentists save lives, sure. But what does that mean? Do they literally keep us alive, or is it just an expression? Well, a new study shows just why dental hygiene is important, and how poor hygiene can be detrimental. Check out the importance of oral health in your everyday life.

The Importance of Oral Health

The more we learn about our health, the more attention we realize our teeth need. That is why there’s an ever-increasing demand for dental awareness. As we’ve stated before, our mouths are the windows to the rest of our bodies.

Oral health for the heart

The aforementioned study explains that your oral health is directly correlated to the health of your cardiovascular system. If your mouth gets infected, your chance of heart attack can increase. The infection in your mouth can easily enter your bloodstream and make its way to your heart.

If this occurs, it settles in the lining of the heart valve or vessel, making it harder for your heart to function properly. This is called infective endocarditis. This disease is nothing new, of course. However, its correlation with the importance of oral health has recently become a reality.

Sticking to the usual plan of attack

The study goes on to say that brushing and flossing twice a day greatly reduces your chance of heart attack, in light of this discovery. We already knew that brushing and flossing your teeth properly was beneficial, but did you ever think it was saving your life?

Many participants in this study practiced proper cleaning techniques and regular visits to the dentist. By visiting the dentist and taking care of your teeth, you help keep your whole body healthy, and you could reduce your risk for heart attacks and cancer.

Las Vegas Dental Heroes

There are plenty of reasons to schedule a dentist appointment. Dr. Balle and Dr. Guild can diagnose a number of oral health issues and treat them appropriately. It’s vital to schedule your yearly appointments to ensure the highest quality of health.