We get it. We understand that people are more focused on expressing their individuality and what they find attractive in this day and age. But where is the line between expressing your individuality and prioritizing your overall oral health? The prime example of this issue is the contentious relationship between intraoral piercings and dentistry. Are tongue piercings safe?

The Risk of Intraoral Piercings

Intraoral piercings are little gems pierced through the tissue of the oral cavity with the intent to express a person’s values and/or individuality. While they can be beautiful adornments to a person’s face, these gems have their risks. The risk of intraoral piercings include:

  • Excessive bleeding  
  • Swelling
  • Increased risk of bacterial or viral infection
  • Potential damage to teeth and gums
  • Recession of gums (gingivitis)
  • Increased salivary production
  • Potentially obstructs mouths functions, such as chewing and swallowing

In addition to these risks listed above, intraoral piercings pose a choking or swallowing hazard. They can also cause trauma to a person if the person performing the piercing does not place it properly in the mouth. For these reasons and more, the American Dental Association opposes the practice of intraoral piercings.

What can a patient with intraoral piercings do?    

Despite the overall unsupportive opinion from the ADA and the dangers of intraoral piercings, people will get intraoral piercings. If they do, they still need dental care to ensure their mouth is healthy. If you have an intraoral piercing, maintain a healthy mouth by removing it and letting the piercing heal.

However, if you choose to continue wearing your intraoral piercing, stay on top of properly cleaning your piercing and maintain a consistent brushing and flossing regimen. Bacteria, plaque, and germs can and will grow in the piercing site, contributing to infection and unnecessary pain. Keep your mouth healthy and stay the healthy, beautiful individual you are.

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