If you have sensitive teeth, you understand what extreme temperatures do to your teeth—How it feels eat ice cream or drink coffee and feel that zing surge throughout your mouth. If you know what that feels like, you are one of many. Sensitive teeth affect 1 in 8 people—some studies even suggest that number is as high as half of the current dental patients.

The causes of tooth sensitivity vary, from brushing too hard to cavities and tooth decay. If you’re already experiencing tooth sensitivity, there’s something you can do about it. Good news for you and all of them: this isn’t a permanent occurrence.  

How to Fix Sensitive Teeth

Use gentler products

From whitestrips to toothpaste, certain brands of oral hygiene products can be a little too much for your teeth. It’s possible that your teeth are just a bit more sensitive than others. If so, check to see if the formula is enamel-safe and dentist-approved.

Special toothpaste

Some brands of toothpaste are formulated to deal with sensitive teeth hands on. Brands like Colgate Sensitive or Sensodyne are excellent for that kind of thing. And they really work!

Special toothbrush

A lot of different electric toothbrushes have special settings that allow for a sensitive setting. In fact, you can actually purchase special brush heads that can attach to your current model of electric toothbrush that do a decent job at minimizing painful contact.

If you really want to minimize pain while brushing, get a sensitive toothbrush head, turn on the sensitive mode, and use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Soft floss

Many people have trouble with floss. Even the slightest touch from a string of floss can give you a burning sensation. Sensitive teeth and bleeding gums are both caused by poor dental hygiene, so flossing can certainly cause you some grief. If you suffer from either of these problems, invest in Gentle Gum Care dental floss. It’s made from softer material that shouldn’t cause you any physical discomfort.

Taking Care of Sensitive Teeth with the Professionals

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