Sinus infections, the very thought of one just might make you cringe with pain. These pesky infections can cause many side effects, one of which is abnormal tooth pain due to the increased pressure in your nasal cavity. You’ve probably never considered your sinus infection as a reason for your toothache, but it certainly could be a factor!


It is rare for the sole cause of a toothache to be a sinus infection, although it does happen. It is important to reach out to your doctor if you’re currently suffering from a sinus infection, or contact Balle & Associates if the pain started in your mouth. 


The maxillary sinuses are located directly above your molar teeth roots and they can swell as the bacteria and viral mucus builds. This will put pressure on the nerves connecting to your teeth and it will cause a painful sensation on one or more of your teeth. 


If you’re suffering from a sinus infection, the best way to get rid of your tooth pain is to get rid of the excess mucus in your mouth. Try these four tips for relieving sinus infection tooth pain:


1- Allow Your Sinus Cavities to Drain


While you’re resting, be sure to keep your head in the upright position to minimize the amount of mucus that fills your sinus cavities. It may be helpful to use an extra pillow or two while you sleep to help ease some of the pressure.


2 – Drink Liquids and Use Steam


Liquid, preferably water, helps to hydrate the infected mucus membranes and decrease any new buildup. Keep those liquids on hand and keep your body hydrated. 


A nice steamy shower could help to loosen any mucus that may be causing pain. Warm tea with herbs is also a great way to help soothe the irritated infection.


3 – Try Spicy Foods


You might not be the biggest fan of spice, but you’re sinus infection just might thank you for giving it a shot! Certain spicy ingredients have special mucus-thinning properties and will help to relieve the pain being caused by the infection. Be sure you check with your doctor before you jump into the deep end of the spicy pool, we don’t want anyone causing more harm than good. 


4 – Use a Decongestant


One of the best ways to decrease the amount of pain that you’re experiencing from your sinus infection toothache is to take a decongestant. Over-the-counter (OTC) decongestants and expectorants are great to provide fast, effective relief from any paint that you may be experiencing. These drugs do a great job at breaking up the mucus and allowing the sinus cavities to drain, helping to ease the pain of your toothache. 


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