At our dental office in Las Vegas, we listen to our patients. They say, “We want candy! We want it now.” On the outside, we smile and nod. Inside, we cringe and wish it wasn’t so. Candy may be dandy, but for teeth, it’s completely toxic. All those unnecessary sugars damage the teeth and can contribute to cavities. Luckily, there are some alternatives for patients that don’t make our Las Vegas dentist pull their hair out. Today, we delve into the health facts of sugar free gum and other candy.

Sugar Free Gum and Your Oral Health

Gum isn’t all that bad. In moderation, sugar free gum can be good for your teeth. It can increase your saliva production and help remove plaque from teeth. However, some gum can be counterproductive to oral health depending on the brand you choose. Gum pumped with additional sugars and syrups will contribute to plaque and tooth decay, which causes cavities.

When choosing gum, look for the ADA seal of approval. With this approval, the gum is proved to be sweetened with an artificial or natural sweetener that is either neutral or positive for teeth’s overall health.

Sugar free gum benefits include the increased saliva production and plaque removal. But other benefits include relieving stress and freshening the breath after eating and drinking. To clarify: yes, sugar free gum is good for your teeth.

Ice Chips in Las Vegas: the sugar free candy we provide

If gum isn’t for you, you can always try sugar free hard candy for your oral health. In our dental office in Las Vegas, we provide Ice Chips. This sugar free candy is sweetened with Xylitol, a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in most fruits and vegetables. It isn’t gum, but it has been shown to contribute to the mineralization of tooth enamel, which means lower risks of developing tooth decay and plaque. If you want Ice Chips, you can purchase a packet after receiving our Las Vegas dental care services.

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