We all look up to celebrities as the go-to for fashion and beauty. When you go into your dentist office, you might see their pictures on the covers of magazines in the waiting rooms or on posters. You may worry that your teeth will never look like theirs no matter how many times you visit the dentist. But even the best smiles in the world went on a similar journey as you to get to smile perfection. The answer is almost always cosmetic dentistry and a lot of upkeep.

5 Famous Smiles and Their Cosmetic Dentistry Work

Tom Cruise

Before he became a leading man and action star material, Tom Cruise was yet another victim of unfortunate teeth problems. Not only were his teeth misaligned and jagged, but they were also horribly discolored. Sometime after shooting The Outsiders, where he was just a supporting actor, he had a serious mouth makeover. Using different cosmetic dentistry techniques, such as veneers, whitening, and bonding, he completely transformed his smile. After that, he became a leading man and thrust himself into having one of the most famous smiles.

Nicholas Cage

Speaking of leading man material, Nicholas Cage also suffered from crooked and discolored teeth well into his career. It wasn’t until after his role in Birdy when he had two teeth removed on camera when he decided to upgrade his smile to something nicer. Surprisingly, Nicholas Cage went from pulling his teeth out in movies to having one of Hollywood’s best smiles.

George Clooney

After shooting Facts of Life, this Hollywood A-list and every mom’s favorite actor got a new set of teeth. But unlike the first two on this list, the purpose wasn’t just cosmetic dentistry. Being in a high-stress industry, George Clooney developed a bad habit of grinding his teeth, which wore them down significantly. After getting a full set of veneers and, presumably, took care of his teeth grinding habit, he solidified his spot as one of the best looking celebrities out there.

Hilary Duff

After her Disney Channel days, this former child star geared her career to singing. One night on stage, she accidentally chipped her front tooth. She required an emergency dental procedure to have the tooth repaired with a veneer. It was then that she decided to get a whole new smile full of bright shiny veneers.

Miley Cyrus

The former Hannah Montana star was known for her crooked, uneven teeth. When she was just a child star, it was part of her image. Since then, she’s stretched out to make a name for herself in a much different way. She completely changed her image and, along with that, her teeth. The actress and singer got a whole new set of veneers that straightened and whitened her teeth, giving her a more adult look.

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