When we visit our dentist, we should know by now that we’re in good hands. Our teeth and gums will be taken care of, and we’ll have nothing to worry about. But is that all they do? Dentists are doctors after all, so there must be more to it than just cleaning your mouth. As it turns out, there are ways dentists go above and beyond with not just oral health but your health in general. Here’s how dentists help with overall health.


Going beyond Just Oral Health

Body nutrition

Your dentist will always have a lot to say about what you’re eating. But it isn’t just about the way it harms your teeth. Your mouth is where health begins—by examining your mouth, a dentist gets a sense of your overall health.

Out of all the provided dental services available, one responsibility a dentist has is counseling you on what you’re eating. This isn’t just a suggestion, but rather nutritional advice from an educated doctor. Dentists help with nutrition. Remember, it always starts with your mouth, but your overall health is the goal.

Cancer screenings

The Oral Cancer Foundation says that detecting cancer early on is a sure-fire way to improve oral cancer treatment. Your dentist can take a couple steps to detect oral cancer. First, a dentist will closely check your lips and gums for abnormal coloring or sores. If they find anything, they may remove a part of the affected area and send it off to a lab to be tested. If you go in for a standard oral health exam, but your dentist notices a white or irritated spot in your mouth, they may suggest to take a sample. Doing so, your dentist can save your life.

Face and skull doctors

That’s right, it’s not just your teeth or even your jaw. A lot of what dentists do takes care of the muscles and bones in your face. Sure, it starts with your teeth because the teeth that aren’t taken care of can lead to infection that affects your jaw and therefore your entire face.

When a dentist performs a procedure in your mouth, they’re working around all those nerves and muscles in your face which takes extensive knowledge. It’s all about the protection of the most vital part of your body. Dentists also focus a bit on the nervous system of your head and neck.


A dentist goes to school to earn the right to be called a doctor. And just like with any other doctor, that schooling involves intense training and practice. By now, everyone’s heard that to become a dentist, you have to operate on a cadaver—well, that’s all about knowing the anatomy of a human.

A dentist has the knowledge about the way a body works as much as any other medical doctor. The reason for these oral health professionals to learn all this is to educate their patients on healthy habits. It’s a dentist’s obligation to educate and inform for better eating habits and overall health.

Balle and Associates Goes Above and Beyond

Dr. Balle and Dr. Guild at Balle and Associates are trained and educated doctors who have extensive knowledge and skill to treat a wide array of oral health issues. Gum disease treatment, dental reconstruction, and oral surgery are ways that dentists help with overall health. If you have any concerns about your dental health, contact us.