The new year starts with making lists of goals we plan to achieve. From a healthier diet to leaving certain bad habits in the previous year, chances are, you’ve stuck to the conventional resolutions.

In-depth research by NBC showed that the most popular New Year’s resolution was getting healthier. Here’s the thing; you need to add your oral health to your list as well. After all, a healthy smile goes beyond making you look beautiful.

Healthy Smile, Healthy Body

Extensive studies show that low or no oral health is associated with a variety of unrelated health problems. It includes endocarditis, premature birth, cardiovascular disease, low birth rate, pneumonia, and dementia.

On the other hand, diabetes and osteoporosis can lead to deterioration of your teeth and gums healthy. Not to mention, taking close care of your mouth means you can bite, chew, and swallow better.

What’s more? A good smile adds confidence points, as well as affects others’ perception of us. In fact, intensive research boasts results that a healthier and nicer smile can ensure a positive impression. Plus, it can enhance your attractiveness. Below we’ve compiled easy yet effective ways you can expedite your oral health this year:

Brush Twice Every Day

Brushing twice every day is the most basic way of ensuring top-notch oral health. Moreover, it would help if you practice the proper brushing technique to restrict plaque buildup. Here’s how you can achieve the perfect technique:

  • Take hold of your brush at a 45-degree angle right at your gum lining.
  • Brush your teeth in a circular motion
  • Use back and forth motions to brush your molar teeth.
  • Brush for at least two minutes.
  • A bonus tip is replacing your toothbrush after three months of use, as well as utilizing a high-quality toothpaste.

Getting Better at Flossing

In addition to brushing twice, make it a habit to floss once each day. In fact, an in-depth study shows that only 41% of Americans floss once per day, whereas 20% never use floss!

Another extensive research conducted in 2017 resulted in showing that only 16% of people flossed daily. Whereas 20% only practiced it if something was stuck, and 8% don’t floss at all. Both prove one thing; the majority of the world’s population could do with better flossing skills.

Book an Appointment Every 6 Months

It’s hard for you to spot cavities before it’s too late; thus, why you must visit your dentist every six months.

With the help of their state-of-the-art tech and prowess in the field, you can rest assured that your dentist will take care of all infections and cavities before they get the chance to grow. It’s also a great way to steer clear of scary root canals and filings.

Ready to make your teeth shine? Then venture on to our website Balle & Associates General Dentistry, and book your first appointment of the year!