We’re shining a light on the future of dental care. Dental laser therapy is taking over in the oral health realm, especially at our Las Vegas dentist office. While it’s still a new technology, laser dental therapy is a proven method in preventative dentistry and treating periodontal disease.

What is Dental Laser Therapy?

In dental laser therapy, a trained dental expert shines a powerful beam of light on the surface of infected gums and teeth. It is used most often in treating periodontal disease, or gum disease. It’s also used to assist in root planing and scaling.

During scaling and root planning, (or a periodontal laser treatment), the laser may decontaminate the periodontal pocket surrounding the tooth and eliminate bacteria. This promotes healing and can help decrease bleeding and inflammation. The laser can also aid in the gum tissue reattaching itself to the teeth.

Dental lasers can be used for cosmetic and restorative dental procedures as well.Teeth whitening procedures require the use of a laser to activate the peroxide bleaching solution. Fillings require the use of a laser to help cure the filling, cementing it into the tooth, and keeping it healthy.

Why should I request a laser dental cleaning?

There are many benefits of using lasers. If you request a laser treatment for gum disease, the laser can cause less discomfort than traditional root scaling and planing.

The dental laser treatment cost is relatively the same as regular dental cleanings and procedures. Ask your Las Vegas dentist for pricing and financing options.

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If traditional routes of dental care are not your thing, experience the future in dentistry. Ask your dental hygienist if dental laser therapy can benefit you. We can schedule your next laser dental cleaning today.