Before the advance in dentistry, there was only one way to fix any gaps in your teeth. Braces were the answer! The process was slow and could be painful, depending on the work and the time it was going to take to correct the issue.


Now, there are new advances that allow for the gaps in your smile to be fixed, and most of them are quick and painless! We are going to share a few tips and ways for you to fix that gap and maintain a full and confident smile.


4 Ways To Repair The Gaps In Your Teeth

  1. Use a cosmetic bonding – By having your dentist apply the cosmetic bonding, this procedure can usually be done in one visit. It will not last as long as some repairs, but it is a cost-effective way to close the gap in your smile! The bonding used during this cosmetic procedure will match as close as possible to the existing color of your teeth, thereby becoming less noticeable.
  2. Having porcelain veneers made – The porcelain veneers are a popular option with many. These are a permanent solution, being cemented to your teeth. These are predicted to last between 6-17 years. The downside to this procedure is that at times, some enamel must be removed, but this is not always needed. A visit with your dentist will determine if this is the correct option for you.
  3. Get a dental implant or bridge – Depending on the gap size in your teeth, you may want to consider having a dental implant fit between your teeth. This is a bit more involved, as it involves crowns on the two teeth, and then a dental implant in-between. While this is more involved, it can be a better option for those who are wanting something that is going to last a little longer. It could take more than one visit to get this process entirely done.
  4. Use Invisalign products – This process is a little slower, but it allows for your teeth to move without the use of braces. Invisalign products are molded to your teeth, with a certain number of aligners that are clear, which allow for the teeth to move as they would with braces. Because these are clear, they are a more popular option for those who are still conscious of their smiles, yet are wanting to be careful about any tooth staining. Metal brackets can leave noticeable marks, but the Invisalign products reduce the amount of staining. Your dentist can let you know if this is a good option for you to think about.


Closing The Gap

While certain celebrities have opted to leave the gap in their teeth, many are making the move to close it down. There are many reasons for wanting the gap in your teeth to be gone. At Balle and Associates, we know that your smile is near and dear! We want to help give you the most confidence in your smile while gaining professional services. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and help to repair the gaps in your smile! Call or visit us today!