We won’t lie. Outside of tax season, there’s few things people look forward to less than dental procedures.


It’s understandable. After all, many of us grew up with the fear of painful surgery as a threat to ensure we take proper care of our teeth. And some of us probably faced painful dental procedures ourselves once or twice, if not several times.


But today’s dentistry isn’t quite the same as it was growing up. It’s grown more innovative. More convenient. And yes—many times, even pain-free.


Can I Expect Pain During My Dental Procedure?


For most standard procedures, no. In fact, we hear relative surprise from patients over the relative ease and simplicity of dental procedures more than anything else.


That doesn’t necessarily mean you can expect a procedure to be a joyride. You may likely feel a slight discomfort, but it’s not going to be particularly drastic. The fact is that the days of painful extractions and invasive surgery are a thing of the past, thanks to new innovations in instruments and anesthetics.


Is Swelling And Discomfort Normal After A Dental Procedure?


Absolutely! Soreness and discomfort may unnerve you after any surgical procedure, dental or otherwise. But swelling is actually your body’s way of telling you it’s in the process of healing.


Typically, discomfort reaches its height at or around the third day following your dental procedure. But everyone has their own recuperation times, and your own may not be typical. In order to prepare, take any antibiotics or medication strictly as prescribed by your dentist—even if you assume you’ve recovered fully. It’s not unheard of for periodic flare ups of soreness and pain to occur even after recovery times.


What If My Mouth Or Jaw Is In Constant Pain After A Dental Procedure?


Notify both your dentist and your primary care physician immediately! While rare, ongoing and severe pain weeks after a dental procedure can be a sign of an undiagnosed problem which has nothing to do with your surgery.


Can’t I Just Put Off My Procedure?


You’ll probably find the long term pain to be far more unbearable than the procedure itself. In fact, the longer you wait? The more pressing and complex your procedures will be down the road. Make it easy on yourself. Schedule your dental procedure now and avoid ongoing problems tomorrow.


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